Rufus Murry Jr

Ms. Soldier Woman,Mother and Father Both or K-Town Row

  Alone woman, who traveled to a big city,just her and her son alone,struggling to survive in a city that they try to call home.  Searchinng high , searching low to find a place for them both to go, with love in here heart she ventured on.  With love for herself,love for her son, and wanting a loveing home,similar to a sworn in soldier so marched on.  trial and tribulating she journeyed alone.

   With a love for God and Christ, she traveled with the faith in her heart, while praying that the spirit would carry her on.  Loving life and loving the world, at times her love made others strong.  Her faith carried them carried them on.

     Ms. Soldier woman, Mother and father both, or K-Town Row.

      In memory of Mrs.Mary Catherine Flanagan,Murry,Allen

     Your loving Son :   Mr. Rufus Murry Jr.  / 3/17/2012

      Happy birthday My Son Sargent  Steven Devon Murry


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 03/17/2012.


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