Sarcha Seron

The Mansion

I used to live in a small town, you know how it goes; everyone knows everyone. We generally had a few visitors, tourists mostly just passing through.
Behind huge black, ironclad gates lay an ancient mansion. It was owned by one very aged and very elderly man, apparently living out his dying days in the house he grew up in. The Government was biding their time, waiting for this man to pass away before they could buy the land and build some fancy tourist attractions on it.
This man was nice enough; I met him probably once a few years ago when he could still walk without aid. However, once even that ability was lost to him, he never left his house. Being so old it wasn’t long before he was appointed with a full time Carer.

She was nice enough, middle aged with long brunette hair and her eyes were a rare deep blue. The woman was divorced, apparently having left an abusive relationship and took up full time Caring for old folks years back.

It’d been a week or so that the woman had been taking care of the solitary old man, she’d arrive in the early hours of the morning and leave quite late at night. Rumors were the talk of the town during that week; you couldn’t walk five steps outside before someone stopped you and asked you if you’ve heard the latest on the middle aged woman caring for the retired old man.

Then the screams and yelling came, it wasn’t loud and happened a few times a day, you could hear it quite loudly if you happened to be walking past the ironclad gates. The people shrugged it off as they were reassured by the woman; it was just the old man going crazy in his old age. Often not getting what he wanted, he resorted to screaming and yelling until he was calmed.

This went on for at least a month; the woman arriving and leaving at relatively the same time every day, the screaming and yelling became more frequent as the days went on. Eventually the chatters and the rumors ceased and it became an everyday thing, we townsfolk let the woman do her job as we all silently waited for the poor old man to be put out his misery naturally.

And one day it all stopped.

The woman stopped coming and going.

There was no more screaming.

Eventually after a week or so, curiosity got the better of the local police. The sheriff and another officer both investigated the scene and what they saw was so utterly repulsive, they both refused to talk about it. It wasn’t long after that, that more rumors started and eventually the truth got out.

Warning: if you get grossed out easily, don’t keep reading.

After the officers were done with their supposed investigating, a couple of local teenagers broke in and reportedly went to the press with photos and detail descriptions of their findings.

It was grim.

At first, all they saw was an old, dusty house, covered in dirt and cobwebs and the place reeked of old mothballs. They found a saucer on the aged gas stovetop; it looked okay enough….except for the contents. It seemed to be what looked like overcooked bacon, but that was proven to not be the case as to what they found next.

They went upstairs, apparently seeing nothing useful. The electricity had been out years ago so they went by with a candle. They went through a few rooms, until the came to the master bedroom. The smell was reported to be so rank and utterly disgusting that they couldn’t describe it properly without retching.

They covered their faces with the cloth from their shirts, curiosity getting the better of them, and opened the door.

At first all they saw was a dank musty bed with unwashed, unmade sheets. And then they saw the chair facing the window, where the curtains were partially drawn. They realized the smell was coming from the old man who was seated in this chair, limp and apparently lifeless. He had passed away a week or two ago.

The same time as the woman stopped caring for him.

They should have left it at that, however one teenager felt compelled to check out the lifeless body and after throwing up on the floor did the others join him and they too looked.

The sight was far worse than that of the reeking smell.

The man’s eyes were still open, they were milky white; no surprises that he was blind. What little hair he actually had was a wispy white and needed a good cutting. It wasn’t the fact he was stark naked that had them all retching in disgust; it was rather the lack of skin he seemed to have.

It was as if someone had cut out deep diamond shaped pieces of his skin with one very sharp knife and done away with it. The diamonds were everywhere, his arms, back, neck legs and even feet. His face even had several jagged shapes.
Upon realising the truth of the contents of the saucer, the boys ran for their lives; needing counseling still to this very day.

The woman had been cutting pieces of flesh from this poor old man, frying them up and eating them.

The worst part is not the fact that it was the carer who had literally eaten this man alive until he bled to death, that is the most repulsive part... It’s the fact that anyone could have helped him; we all heard the screaming and the cries for help. The towns people clearly preferring to believe firsthand lies before any real evidence was presented, the local police seemingly no different.

No one knows who this carer was, nor how long she has been doing this sort of thing for. What we do know that this wasn’t her first time, it certainly wouldn’t be her last time.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sarcha Seron.
Published on on 03/28/2012.


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