Rufus Murry Jr

Sweet Essence Of Home

                       With the sweetness of summers in every breath I take,and the me
                   -mories of home while in a strange place, to wish for the company of some
                   one from that familiar place, the want for a friend a relative from that pl-
                   ace.  To bring somemore gladness to my face,a lone journey that I will make
                   to a world,a city an unfamiliar place,in seach of the truth,and so far not fi-
                   nding a trace.

                           Although the search goes on,at a tranquile pace,Toseek the true in this place
                       With the thought of home,always in mind,I travel on a lone road, this stress
                   -ful vine,where the fruits of labor are lesser than what I have To face.So with
                   strength that I have left, and being still in this place, I tribulate on,until I fi-
                   nd another place. Sweet essence of home, remembering that place.

                   Mississippi Delta
                   Sweet Florida
                   Sweet Essence Of Home

                   Written By; Mr. Rufus Murry jr.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 03/30/2012.


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