Mary Diana

The mysterious angel

         One day,when I was looking through the window in my room,I saw an old and poor man in front of the entrance of the block.He was looking insistently at me,but with a big and milky smile on his face.He seemed to be a good and honest man.I went down because I had to go to school and then I was interrupted by the old man on my way to the bus station.
         ''What do you wish to happen today?''the poor man asked me.
         I didn' t want to answer him because he was a stranger,but when I saw that smile on his face,I couldn' t resist not to answer him.
         ''I wish to get a good mark at school today.''
         And exactly that happened.Next days,he put me the same question and it happened exactly what I answered.I responded that I want to get my favourite book,to eat a chocolate cake and to buy a pretty dress.He told me that he was an angel and he helps the children who believe in smiles.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 04/11/2012.


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