Mary Diana

The fantastic teacher

           Once upon a time,there was a girl whose name was Sophie.She was a very good student with high results at the contests.Her dream was to work at a famous university overseas.But her teacher was a little freaky.She was acting strange all the time to her students and that made Sophie to wonder if the teacher had something to hide.
           One day,when classes finished and the teacher went to the teacher' s room,Sophie followed her to see what she was hidding.When Sophie opened the door,she couldn' t believe what she saw!Her teacher was flying!She was wearing a purple robe and a big hat on her head.On the table there was a copper with a lot of potions in it.On the wall there were many jars with colourful dusts on the shelfs.The witch had a wand in her hand which she was using to transform things in whatever she wanted.For exemple, she transformed an apple into a chocolate cake and a chair into a comfortable armchair.When Sophie saw that,she screamed and ran away to her classroom.
           And from that day,Sophie believed in magic and miraculous things and she never considered her teacher boring.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Diana.
Published on on 04/12/2012.


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