Rufus Murry Jr

The Step-Father

4/13/2012                                                                               R.M.J
              A man, who has faced the world,s problem,s until his mind lock,s
           to a certain degree of thought,which now is hard to get away from
           a trained soldier of the world,A Global Police.
              What is inbeded in his mind now, he cann,t get away from,to go
           through the world with this burden in mind, I Have Killed Before,
           carrying this burden through the world with him.
               To stop and think of where that soldier came from,and for him 
           to know of the Bible, and of the Ten Commandments,One Is,"Thow
           Shall Not Kill.  Although when a War start,s. That is what he is 
           trained for.
               The pressure of this world, breeds hate, to any Degree, to ha-
           te fellow man to any Exstent.  Hate in this world brings out word,s
           and action,s.  Word,s such as"My lorns did not make you" , I am
           not my brothers keeper".  So as you stay in my camp, my hate for
           you grows,because all you are is a reminder, that someone else has 
           been in bed with my wife.
               As time passes I will hate you as I hate any enemy.  In the en-
           emy in my house,my base," AND I DON,T WANT YOU IN IT".
              I am a man and I have fought for the Ground Under My Feet,
           and that,s what you should have did. My base is not your home,"
           GET OUT".  As my hate grows so will your pain. I am not your
           Father and I Have Obtain a house for a Huzzy,fluzzy, and her tr-
           ash from another marriage".    
               Written By: Mr,Rufus Murry Jr.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 04/13/2012.


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