Rufus Murry Jr


4/15/2012                                                                                R.M.J

               To be made to want for someone,constant flurtation,until that want
            that thought turns to lust,after a time,it is outwardly known to a point
            of hypnotizing effect. The fuse has been lite,the motor has been start
            -ed,idleling,waiting to be put in gear.
                The convience of being in another room in the same house,only has 
            shown them both,what they are thinking,a fantasy of lust,neither would
            admit it.
                 The thought of them congigating,is in both of their face,s,to well
            known by other,s now,it is enevidable that they will meet,for an expe-
            rience of Lust.One,s sinful fundling,has build pressure to a high degree
            of Lust. Until wanting that woman is outwardly known.
                 So now they watch,andd they try to time,the confrontation. To r-
            ealize that the situation,has matured to a level,of want, with a short
            fuse. A lusting Relationship,it will happen their is no dought.
                 Then to make contact,then love,then to feel,to absorb,the fluids
            of her female body,in my lorn,s, to a swollen proportion.To flex,s my
            back muscle,s to a total Degree,of lustful relief.


            Written By : Mr.Rufus Murry Jr.         The She-Old, She -Lo
            From Behind The Wall,Two sick in California


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 04/16/2012.


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