Arjun Popat

Someone is there

The moon has risen. The stars shine bright.
The sun rises tomorrow in its eastern might.
As you look outside in the dark night sky,
And think of your problems and just want to cry.
Remember that always someone is there.
So think of their eyes, and face, and hair.
And think of this person-and think of them well.
Remember for you-they’d break into hell.
Remember the people that want you around,
And if there is no-one, then I can be found.
There’s always someone-you’re never alone.
Just dial their number and get on the phone.
You’re worth the world to someone out there,
You might not know but they really do care.
So look at the night sky and look at the stars.
And look at the lights and fast-flying cars.
And look at the street and feel the night air.
And remember remember-that someone is there.

And now listen for just a fraction more,
I need to ask you something more.
For if you read this and felt a thing,
If it makes you cry or want to sing.
If you hate it with your life's contempt,
Even then you're not exempt.
I only ask you a fraction of time,
Tell me what you thought of this rhyme,
A rate a comment, I really don't mind,
I just want something-something to find. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Arjun Popat.
Published on on 04/25/2012.


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