Rufus Murry Jr

To Dream A Dream

4/27/2012                                                                                                                           R.M.J

                                                What is it, To dream a dream ?  To be told that
                                              anything,s possible, to become a Millionaire,in one
                                              hour, one day, one week,one month, one year. That
                                              is this side of the world,s,thought.  Those word,s
                                              almost seemed like promise,s to some people.
                                                So after a while, we were broken hearted and Mis-
                                              lead, we struggle on.  With a total lose of Motivati-
                                              on, each of us went through the motion,s of being
                                                 Just being there, just there, with no other thought 
                                             of Achieveing, or striving for another level.  Recog-
                                             nizing the, false pretence of this culture.
                                                With it,s superficial covering, and those that see
                                             the same folklore as in another time, now they see 
                                             this type of  treatment in their time, "Camiphliage".
                                             "To Dream A Dream", Or See REALITY
                                                  I see another man,s Dream, What is a Dream For 
                                                 ME ?
                                            " AFRICA", AFRIKEY", NIGI, NIGI, KENYA, KENYE.
                                            Zaboo, Zenbawa, Boo.
                                            To Dream A Dream.

                                            Written By : R.M.J.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 04/27/2012.


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