Rufus Murry Jr

Mississippi Love Blue,s

5/16/2012                                                                                  R.M.J.
                                                                                        Growing Up

               To love so deep, deep in my soul, a love so strong, that I pray I 
             can go on. To find someone, so as not to be alone, I pray my Love
             will go on. I stop and gander out across that land , that sea and I
             realize,what,s for me.  To look and realize where I am, my heart
             fold,s, because of what I see.  My dayly chore,s I perform, again
             and again.
               To feel for the Earth, that I feel for my land and alway,s feel
             more strength to go on again. To work myself on my land and to kn-
             ow, that I will Love again.  Mississippi Love Blue,s, Loving Again,
             and Again.  Traveling on across the land, searching for another love
             to began with again.
                My Mississippi Love never, knowing when I will love, ever Love, w
             -ill I Ever Love Again. To travel my land, and think of where I,ve
             been, now do I feel at home, or should I Journey on Again ? 
                To be awaken with the Sun touching my Heart, that sometime,

             make,s me feel at home. So to find a place, and clear a space, a
             place so far just for me, just for me to be alone to gather my t-
             hought,s, of having a home. Mississippi Love Blue,s,where has all
             the love Gone ?  Under that Concrete Contract,Called The Heads-
             tone. That Rock Of Age,s. That Contract With Death To Stay Gone.
             So you may find it my Brother as you turn Each Headstone, Where 
             they all have Gone.     
             Written By ; Mr. Rufus Murry Jr.
             In Memory Of The 56TH.
             Mississsippi Delta Force (56th Infantry) TUSKEGEE


Born in the Mississippi Delta,traveled,back to Mississippi, during summer time off, in Chicago from school.Just as my elders, I grow to learn the land,and learning to respect it,taught,by my grandfather who loved it also. Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 05/16/2012.


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