Conny Kirsten


you know nothing about the dreams i have
you know nothing about my longins deep inside
everytime i leave
you share dreams without me
you claw for everyone
except me
you know nothing about my heart
i gave to you in trust
you know nothing about my thoughts
trying so desperate to believe
if you should know about all
so i wonder why
you always close your doors
when i have to leave
you hide behind my back
my comeback doesn´t seem to please
your secrets are so well known
your desire is so obvious
your mind closed like an oyster
your heart frozen
give me free
it´s after all not enough for eternity
to be chosen just within the time stated
why then call it love


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Conny Kirsten.
Published on on 05/23/2012.


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