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Best Friends Volunteer at Nursing Home

Best Friends Volunteer at Nursing Home


By Greg Miller © 2012


Dorothy and Dot were best friends who volunteered several hours each week at their local nursing home.


“There is such a need here for volunteers,” observed Dorothy.


“You’re right,” Dot agreed. “I am so glad we can help out.”


She continued, “And it thrills me to share devotions based on the life of Jesus.”


Dot and Dorothy asked their minister, Pastor Darrell if they could take a few minutes during a Wednesday evening service to share the need for more volunteers.


“Certainly, Sister Dot and Sister Dorothy,” the pastor responded. “How about the second Sunday in September?”


“That will be great,” Dorothy smiled.


During the service, Dot and Dorothy encouraged the church’s members to use their talents for the Lord.


Dorothy encouraged the listeners to consider volunteering some time at the nursing home. “I promise you won’t regret it,” she said.


Pastor Darrell volunteered to visit the facility every Tuesday evening to share some of his funny golf stories. “I used to be a pretty good golfer,” he said.


“I’ll be sure and mention your idea to the activities coordinator,” said Dorothy. “But I believe Tuesday evenings are open.


Daphne, the pastor’s wife, also volunteered to serve. “I’d like to on Tuesdays when my husband goes,” she said. “While he is talking to the residents who are interested in golf, I can talk to some of the others about my time in the military as an Air Force pilot.”


While Pastor Darrell and Daphne were speaking, enthusiasm for nursing home ministry spread throughout the congregation. Within about 15 minutes, several other members volunteered to serve at the nursing home. Even the children became excited about the opportunity to minister.


One youngster, Donnie, offered to visit the nursing home on Saturday mornings and play video games with the facility’s residents. “That’s very sweet of you,” said Dorothy.


Dean the teacher of the second grade class of which Donnie was a member, spoke up. “I’d like for our entire Sunday school class to participate in this project,” he said.


After Donnie and his parents, Danny and Dorette, arrived home from church, Dorette asked her son, “Why do you want to minister at the nursing home?”


“It’s simple, Mom,” said Donnie. “I never really want to grow up, and I figure this type of thing will always help me to be a kid at heart.”


“Maybe it will help your mom and me to stay kids at heart, too,” said Dean.


“Sorry, Dad,” said Donnie. “Both of you are already too old for it to do you any good!”


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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Greg Miller.
Published on on 08/05/2012.


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