Max Cárdenas Mantilla

Night and Shadows

many sleepless nights,
many nights pretending,
to kill this sensation,
the sensation of the darkness,
the chilling and moist shadows,
filling me to the bone,

night, the realm of the deepest thoughts,
grabbing me to the spine,
who says that dreams are not the same,
thoughts that are full of wolves and dark shadows,
spreading it across my mind,
what are those thoughts?,
am I going crazy?
am I going out of my head?

my mind is playing me tricks,
chasing me in dreams,
running like a mad man hunted by lions,
will I be able to scape?
what would you do?
would you let the lions hunted you?

night, I'm waiting for it,
the battle between the oniric and the spirit,
a battle that never ends,
a real war.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Max Cárdenas Mantilla.
Published on on 08/19/2012.


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