Stefan Hoffmann

The Abominable Snowman

"C´mon, we just look for the Yeti! Talking Mount Everest!" Peter closes the book. "Ok!” I answer without thinking too much. "I am game for that!" We take off to the next travel agency. "Two times Kathmandu, please!" "You want to travel to Kathmandu? Now? It is off-season. What do you want to do there?" asks the travel agency clerk. "We will look for the Yeti." answers Peter. "But - it does not exist!?" "Sorry, Ma´am, it does exist, I saw a picture of him in Reinhold Messner´s book." That´s Peter, I remain silent.
We fly to Kathmandu. At passport control, we are asked: "What do you want to do in Kathmandu?" "We will look for the Yeti!" that´s Peter, I remain silent.
The train to Mount Everest departs the next day. We enter the next hotel. "A double-room, please" Peter says to the hotel owner. "No problem, you got one! What do you do in Nepal?" he wants to know. "We are looking for the Yeti!" that´s Peter, I remain silent.
The next day, we take the Trans-Himalayan Train. The train stops in a little village, and we disembark. A Sherpa is asking "Hey! Namaste, what are you doing here at the foot of the Himalayas? "We are looking for the Yeti!" That´s Peter, I remain silent.
The next morning we hike up the highest mountain on the planet. Peter is sweating, while we traverse a snowfield. Suddenly he screams "There, there, it´s the Yeti!!!" He takes his tranquilizer rifle and shoots. "Hit!!!" he screams with joy, as the Yeti drops down. We dart off to the prey, and Peter is nothing but plain happy: "Look, the Yeti really exists and we are the ones, who finally got him!" I bow to the Yeti and turn him on his belly and discover a long zip fastener in his felt, head to ass. We peel something out off the yeti costume and what we get - a naked man. "Man, look, that´s damn Reinhold Messner!" That´s Peter, I remain silent.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefan Hoffmann.
Published on on 08/30/2012.


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