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Micaelina is an uncomplicated, menudita woman (Solo is 1.55 meters and with little body of snake), talkative ("If clogged you the mouth speaks at the elbows" said my grandmother), very active, worker, recursive, good people, witty, acomedida, helpful, residing in Armenia.
At fifty years of age it is an admirable woman because in addition to raising three grandchildren of his son who went to Spain two years ago and sometimes even sends money for food, also is responsible for keeping to your dear mother.
A beautiful grandmother of seventy-five years, menudita, arrugadita, good people and that at his age still Threading a needle without glasses and hear perfectly.
When Micaelina goes to work in homes of family in household chores and washing clothes, Grandma Euphrosyne in house and she sticks solita his cafecito prepares to take all day.  When her husband was alive they had coffee and she was in charge of raising six children, preparing food for twenty or thirty workers at harvest time and take care of the House perfectly.
Things in the violence of the 1940s years in Colombia, when supposedly killed by political colors (Pure Lies because that was only to steal land from honest peasants) her husband Gil Gonzaga was a type of weapon to take.
He had an excellent aim with the gun and why it was feared.
But as a whole handsome she gets another more handsome or cowards group arrives, he fell him from behind and killed him.
His farm in the Valley was lost and his wife and children barely reached to take refuge in Armenia where the aunt Emma.
There suffered poverty but were gradually moving forward to reach what are now: Solo Euphrosyne and Micaela caring for the children of Rubiel who lives in Spain and when in time manda money pa children because his wife was with another since before the travel and leave and the to vary it was and let MOM.
One night Micaelina get home a little late and upon entering I saw that the TV in the room was turned on.
I look out into the room of the grandchildren and saw them sleeping in the same bed three cloaked with the patchwork quilts that Grandma makes them so they don't go cold.  These quilts are very colorful, sewn by hand, because they have different fabrics that manage grant where neighboring Esther who is a dressmaker.
-These culicagaos do not shut off the Television - thought she and headed toward the huge appliance with furniture from wood, fourteen inches screen, black and white, of tubes (which takes a few minutes to warm up) and which would be surprised to see to the well sitting Eufrosina grandmother watching television in the middle of the room.
So entertaining that even warned his presence.
-Grandmother you do at this hour watching television - reach to say while he was even more surprised to see the kind of program that was watching: A pornographic film.
-Mother and that these seeing-babbling, to what Euphrosyne replied with all the serenity that gave him his seventy-five years well lived:-those boys who left post that channel when they went to sleep and I was waiting for that you were.
Micaelina smiled with his indigenous malice and tenderly asks her madrecita:-Hello mother, as husbands did the egg at the time of you.
What grandmother said with a certainly angelic innocence:-then as now mijita: with onion and chopped tomato.
Micaelina that is a person of great spark paisa for the first time in his life was left stunned and did not know that do more to release a tremendous laughter that awoke the grandchildren to those hours of the night.
Nabetse Selbonarg
November 24, 2012


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nabetse Selbonarg (Yury Esteban Escobar Grano.
Published on on 11/26/2012.


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