Rufus Murry Jr

In The Nursing Homes Today

12/13/2012                                                                                                   Written By; R,M,J.

                           To say to be or want to be, an inspector, for any or all nursing facilities
                       I, myself have seen and have heard some of the nursing home complaints, and 
                      patient neglect.
                           With patients shouting help,help,help, all or half of the night, patient ne-
                     glect as far as leaving patients,in pain for how many hour,s or days. there is no
                     or slow response, when calling for nurse help or ambulance asistance,if called at
                     all, private or city ambulane.
                           The floor nurses response was close to null,either from ill knowledge, hate
                     or unconcerned.  The neglegian of patiant care is il-legal in any state,quality care
                     comes with the pay.  As employees work to maintain,meaning for themselves ,and
                     andfor the patients,they service.
                           To be exposed to all of the diseases of any patient,or all patients,makes that
                     type of work called,A Job with A Hazard,( JOB HAZARD).  These employees real
                     ize, the risk of there exposure to germs on the job sight.  They struggle through
                     until they lose respect for that job.  Then they Quit.

                     Written By; Mr. Rufus Murry Jr.

                    "Complaints in The Nursing Homes Today."



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 12/13/2012.


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