Gallant & On the Whole

I wonder what I understood before

the dreamland, dreamland

the dreamland in front of me, and my mind says

words are a dime novel a day

a dime a day, like sand a day

in the clock, the little things

the related substances

gallant & on the whole

now I dance the dance of my language, my words.


The times, the times

tempt me now, yet

me to devote myself to my task

again, the spark of my own making

do I exercise, let.


I will deny the balance

anon the behemoth, straightway

the vanities & the one thing, the necessities

the one & all beings

must capture

known and misunderstood, as the glory & revenge.


Life, to live for, means killing

maintain the Romantics

they claim it

the Romantics

to live is to strive.


She demanded but victims

the survivors & strivers



Ambition means holy devotion

I comfort me but, in the oil of the tides

in the days of captivity, the perpetrator, Your Grace

disaster, the nature of the gifted, disorder ever.


Did we really meaningful questions?

Inducement, desire

the damage, Your Honour, I spin the thread now

a new item.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of M@rioSkript.
Published on e-Stories.org on 01/01/2013.


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