Stefanie Haertel

See what you have

You rest so quiet
you listen to sad songs
You´ve been wondering
when you get lucky,
you want to change,

when will you realize
you´ve got some people
to call your friends,
you´ve got some place
to call your home.
You´ve got your faith
to hang on
and we had some moments
when you guess and know,
that you´re my world,
somebody very loved.

So why do you feel so isolated, so blue?
So why don´t you start to see
the life in you?

I would sing a happy melody
just to make you see
the marvel we have.
The life we live
can be changed, struggled,surprising, loved, lived.
So see what you have
and start to live.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Stefanie Haertel.
Published on on 01/15/2013.


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Es sind deutsche und englische Gedichte, zum Trumen, zum Nachdenken, zum Verlieben.

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