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Couple Begins Bible Reading Adventure

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Joseph and Jessica had been married for 30 years.


The couple read the Bible together every evening.


They had never, however, read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation as a couple. “That’s going to change this year,” Joseph promised Jessica and himself. “We simply must spend more time reading God’s Word.”


“God’s Word brings health to our souls and spirits,” Jessica said. “I agree that we need to spend more time this year on our spiritual nourishment.”


The couple’s commitment to their goal was strong. Three times each day - before breakfast, after dinner and before bedtime - they took turns praying and reading the Scriptures.


“We are going to see God do some miracles in our lives this year,” Jessica beamed. “I believe He is going to open up some ministry doors and use us to bless the lives of others.”


About two weeks later, the couple felt God was leading them to start publishing a newsletter for area pastors. “We will ask the pastors to provide articles, short sermons and other items of interest,” Joseph said.


“We can also have a special section for the pastors’ spouses, too,” Jessica chimed in.


“Any Christian married couple is a team working for the Lord,” she continued. “Especially those couples who are in ministry together.”


“And this newsletter is the beginning of a ministry,” Joseph said. “I believe we will be going into the ministry in a very short time period.”


“That’s the word I’m hearing from the Lord, too,” Jessica grinned. “I think God brought us together in marriage because He knew we would be willing to minister together for Him.”


“We’re on a roll today,” Joseph chuckled. “We’re agreeing on everything.”


“And husbands and wives need to agree on as many things as possible,” said Jessica. “Especially spiritual matters.”


“Many marriages - even Christian marriages - are falling apart these days,” Joseph observed. “I believe a major reason for that is many husbands and wives don’t function together as a spiritual family unit. They don’t prioritize prayer and Bible reading the way they should.”


“I have an idea,” Jessica said. “And since we’re agreeing on everything today, I’m sure we’ll see eye-to-eye on this, too.


“I think we should speak to Pastor Jeff at the church about starting a group Bible study for married and engaged couples,” she continued. “I believe the enthusiasm we have found by praying and reading the Bible together can be contagious.”


Joseph smiled and sent a quick romantic wink in his wife’s direction. “I do agree with you,” he said. “But it would be a good kind of contagious.”


“You’re right, again,” Jessica agreed. “And at the close of each lesson, I’m going to say, “Your assignment for this evening is to read 10 chapters from the Bible and call me in the morning!”


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Published on on 01/20/2013.


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