James Woods

The Landscape

 I gaze in sheer entrancement
at this landscape I behold.
This panoramic vista.
This view of natures gold.

 I draw a little closer.
My eyes are opened wide
at the captivating beauty
I quietly step inside.

I wander through this wooded glade,
A fragrance fills the air.
It captivates my senses
And with gratitude I share.

The lyrical sound of birdsong
Its a blessing to my ears.
This wondrous peaceful setting
To my eyes brings joyful tears.

The whispering in the treetops
And a gentle breeze from high,
Creates movement in the long grass
As the partridge flashes by.

A small patch of land before me
Dressed in pastel shades of green.
Enhanced by shimmering sunrays
As they penetrate the sheen.

Casting shadows in the background
A flock of starlings flys on by,
While dancing here before me
Is a colourful butterfly.

The cuckoo in the distance
And the smell of new mown hay
Are all of natures treasures
Shared with me this day.

Alas my friendly picture
My heart you have unfurled.
From your ever boundless beauty
I must return to my own world.

BJ Woods 2003


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of James Woods.
Published on e-Stories.org on 06/24/2004.


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