Vadim Pryde

A Knight's Letter

Face your fate, for torn are thee,
apples legend off the tree.
Gones now all of my kings grace
For I have seen you belie his face.
All whats left of years have passed
His memory does still possess,
but neither are those dreams for real
nor will they ever rest his feel.
A queen to live, a day to die,
a tangled web, caught in a lie.
It never should have been like this,
not anymore youll be called his.
Apparently you never cared
For all the love inside he bared,
but falling are you to your knee
preventing rightful destiny.
But you shall never stand a chance
betraying him another dance,
and for you are forever gone,
my Kings dance is his alone.

A knight's letter to a queen who had betrayed his king. She does not talk to him because he is one of his men and still her whisper is in the king's ear - but the knight hopes he won't be influenced anymore. A story not too rare even in our times.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Vadim Pryde.
Published on on 11/30/2005.


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