Joseph Trance

Dad's Love

....little boy comes to his daddy and says, "Daddy...I'm hurt and I need you."
Daddy says, "come...sit on my lap and I will put my arms around you and make the hurt go away." So the little boys climbs onto his Father's lap and leans his little body against daddy's. And dady puts his arms around him and hugs him tight. And the little boy rests his head against his daddy's chest and cries his heart out. And he cries out his boo-boo...the things that is making his heart hurt so much. And as he is crying and the hurt is going away and he can feel the Love of The Father..the great BIG LOVE of his DADDY with all of its Warmth and Light wrap itself around his little body and heart. And a PEACE comes over the little boy....a PEACE that is so filled with LOVE and LIGHT and Warmth. The little boy's hurt and all his tears fade in all that PEACE and LOVE and Light. And as Daddy’s Love replaces the hurt and the pain and the fear in the little boy’s heart, his boo-boo goes all away. And then the little boy knows that it is all better and everything is fixed and it is ALL going to be all right.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 03/31/2013.


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