Rasha Ayad Mekhail

Lost In Translation, my Revelations

Written by Rasha Ayad


A Confession of a Sinner. God made use of her when she realized she was lower than dirt.

A deep felt thank you to my daughter who painlessly put many hours into editing this.

Chapter 1
A newborn baby girl was found around 3:00 A.M. near the back of a fire station. She had nothing but a silver heart-shaped pendant around her neck, and inscribed on it was only a single word, a name: Rachael.
Were it not for reassuring pitter-patter of her own heart’s beating, they would have assumed her already dead. She had lain there alone and in the biting cold for who knows how long. Yet she did not cry, nor even make a sound. She appeared to be absolutely lifeless. In a panic, they rushed her to the nearest hospital, afraid that any moment could mean the last of those reassuring beats.
Upon seeing her in the condition she was in, doctors believed that she would not make it. She was simply too young, too frail, too fragile, and though they could not yet be sure, they suspected autism to be present as well. As it later proved to be, they were wrong; and yet, they were right. The girl was taken care of in the hospital and survived but no noise was ever uttered by her, not a cry, nor a scream. She would grow up under the care and protection offered to her by the U.S. government.
Some three and a half years later, Rachael was still within a government sponsored boarding home for children without parents. Yet, not a single word nor a noise had left her lips. But one day when she turned exactly three and a half years old, her life would change forever. She was in the daycare of the boarding home along with several other children. All the other children would remain focused on the toys in front of them. But Rachael could not; something far above her had caught her attention and held her captivated. It was a television set that happened to be on.
Somehow, some way, she understood the story it was featuring about an Israeli boy who had never seen his parents.
His story begins in Israel, where his mother, then pregnant with him, and his father were crossing the street to go to the open market. A Jihadist struck; a bomb went off. His father was killed instantaneously, his mother desperately clung to life. She survived only long enough for this boy to be delivered. With her dying breath, she named him Elijah Daniel.
And he lived. But so severely injured was this baby that medical treatment of the highest degree was necessary. As news of the bomb as well as the infant’s condition spread, the United States offered to provide aid for the young orphan. So it came to pass that he was supplied with the best doctors and the best treatment.
One of the female doctors treating him saw this, and fell in love with Elijah. He had so many people to care for him. But it broke her heart to think that beyond the hospital doors, there was not a single person who cared about him. He was a child without any parents to call his own; she wanted to be a parent but could physically not bare a child of her own. So she resolved that she would be the one who cared for him unconditionally, and she saw him as a blessing because of it. Not long afterwards, she and her husband started the paperwork to adopt young Elijah and worked to ensure him the best home possible.
Next on the screen appeared Elijah himself, now at the age of seven. He was asked about his favorite things to which he responded with an answer of frogs, lizards, and sci-fi action movies. With a great smile, he exclaimed that he wanted to be the greatest sci-fi action movie creator and director the world ever saw; seeing his happiness, Rachael couldn’t help but smile too.
But the story scared Rachael as well. Elijah said that he loved his adoptive family but longed more than all else to see and hold his birth parents, his voice breaking at the end. Through tears and shaky inhales, he wished that no adult or child to die because of a suicidal jihadist. And though she could not understand why, she was filled with a deep sorrow for him. His pain and loneliness resonated within her. She wanted to shed his tears for him. She wanted him to know how much she loved him, how much she would do anything to make him happy, smile, and fulfill his dream about being the best sci-fi action movie creator and director.
As the feature ended on the television set, Rachael heard the voice of a caretaker who was assigned to her.
"Sir, this one needs a lot of medical bills."
"I can afford them," insisted another man’s voice.
The caretaker let out a sigh. "If you insist, sir, then you will have to show and prove your financial means. But I assure you that they are quite high."
Hearing this, the man relented and choose another child to adopt. But it didn’t matter to Rachael. As she drifted off to sleep that night all that she could think was about the television story and Elijah. That was the night she would have her first dream.

Chapter 2
Rachael found herself in place she had never been before. It seemed to be a forest by a rushing brook, but even still she did not know where she was. Afraid, she began to cry beneath a tree, not noticing the boy playing with rocks in the nearby river. It was only at the sound of his running towards her that she looked up and saw him. It was the boy from the story, Elijah.
"What's the matter?" He asked, concerned.
"I’m scared. I have no one to take care of me,” she whispered, still in slight shock.
Frowning, Elijah knelt down and wiped her tears away. “Please don't cry. You’re so beautiful and you smell better than my frogs and lizards.” He pulled them out of his pocket.
"Smell. I like your smell better."
Rachael began to cry harder.
"I don't like lizards and frogs!"
"Why not? We can play together."
"Not with those!" she exclaimed in tearful agitation.
"Oh please, don't cry," Elijah begged. He wiped her tears away again and told her, "I will take you to my Living Lord. He will help us. Come on."
He asked her to follow him but Rachael was still to scared to walk by herself. So he held her hand and they started to run together to the Light. When they were near the Light, Elijah grabbed a big leaf and put it on Rachael's head to cover her long hair. He told her to stand behind him and look down. Then they started to walk in a single file line toward the Light.
When the Light was very strong, they stopped and Elijah said, "Living Lord, can you help us?"
The Living Lord replied, "Yes, Elijah. What can I do for you?"
“This beautiful girl was crying by the river because she felt scared. I told her that you could help us.”
"You did right, Elijah. What do you want to know?"
"I want to know her name and why she is scared."
"Her name is Rachael. She was crying because she does not have earthly parents."
When the Living Lord said that, Elijah began to cry.
"That’s so sad! I don't have my earthly parents anymore… but I have adoptive parents! It’s not fair! She’s so beautiful and she smells so nice, like a garden of flowers. And…and I love her,” he breathed out. “Please, could you do something about her parents, Living Lord? Please!”
The Living Lord told Elijah, "I already have done something. She has angels taking care of her."
"Really? That's great!” He exclaimed, eyes seeming to twinkle with awe and happiness. “I don't even have that! Thank you so much, Lord."
Then Elijah turned back towards Rachael and said, "Walk backwards. Don't give your back to the Lord."
So they walked backwards in a single file line and tripped and fell on top of each other and found themselves by the same river from before. Elijah was happy now knowing Rachael had someone to take care of her. So he asked her, "What do the angels teach you?"
Rachael said, "Nothing, no one teaches me anything."
"What?" Elijah asked, unable to comprehend her answer. “All right, you know the drill Rachael. We need to go back and ask the Living Lord why you are not being taught anything."
They held hands and ran down to the Light. Elijah grabbed another big leaf and put it over Rachael's hair again. Once again, he asked her to walk behind him with her head down, and when the Light got strong, he said, "Living Lord, we need your help again."
"Yes, Elijah?"
"Why doesn't Rachael learn anything during the day with the angels you assigned her?”
"Elijah, the angels watch out for her safety. Her learning is up to the people in charge of her custody. Rachael is severely autistic. She will not do or learn at the same rate as you, Elijah."
When Elijah heard this, he began to cry a second time.
“How sad! That's not fair! I love Rachael. I want her to do and learn the same things as me. Oh, please help Living Lord," Elijah begged.
"Then why don't you teach her here while the both of you dream?" the Living Lord offered.
Hearing this, Elijah’s face lit up with joy. "I will! Even if it reduces my frog and lizard time, I’m still going to do it! Who knows maybe later on she’ll even like them and we can play together with them… But I’m not holding my breath for that. I saw the disgusted look she had when she smelled my frog,” he rambled from his sheer happiness. “Thank you so much, Living Lord," Elijah said.
Elijah turned to Rachael and said, "Walk backwards."
And once more, the same thing happened when they arrived back: they fell on top of each other and found themselves by the river.
"Rachael, I love you and I’m going to teach you everything I know," Elijah promised.
So he started by teaching her about his Living Lord who would then become her Living Lord. He went and grabbed big books from the garden and started with the creation story, telling her about the Evil One who wants to destroy everything good that the Living Lord had made and is the reason why the world is in such bad condition.
And so Elijah began the story like this:
The Living Lord can not be measured. He stands for Love. He wanted to make creatures in His image that would love him, not by force by Choice Only. The first creature he made betrayed him. That creature is now a fallen angel called Satan. So the beginning creation dealt with angels. Some listened to the boundaries set by the Living Lord and some transgressed and were kicked out of God's presence until the final battle where God will destroy Evil.
"Satan was so clever” Elijah said pointedly, “that he had a bag of tricks. He checked out everyone, sized them up, looked them up and down, heard what they said with their lips and read what they wrote with their hands. He, however, could not read your private thoughts to the Living Lord. That would be the only safe place, an internal dialogue you can have in privacy from Satan. The only ones who were immune to him were a select few who had an armor placed on them, like the Virgin Mary or Enoch who walked with God and was taken up to heaven and did not taste death. The rest of humanity would be born with original sin dating back to when Eve, the first woman, sinned and disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit that Satan tempted and tricked her into eating and gave some to her husband to eat as well.”
“But the Great News,” Elijah said, "is that at the same moment sin entered the world, the Living Lord had a plan to conquer the Death that came about as a result of their disobeying him. He told Eve in front of her husband and Satan that one day her seed will produce someone who will crush the head of the Evil Being that Seduced her.
“So you see Rachael, my people are waiting for the ‘Messiah’. He will crush the head of Evil. The Living Lord loves us, and when we do something wrong, he disciples us. We are a chosen people, blessed because He is our Lord.”
Knowing that she too had a Living Lord who would watch over her filled Rachel with a great feeling of joy within her. Right from the get-go He had given her a best friend, Elijah, who loved her. Never before had she felt this happy. But before she knew it, she awoke from her dreaming.
Chapter 3
She was sad to wake up. She wished she can be asleep in her dreams with Elijah’s Living Lord. His world is amazing. She had no learning disability. She was beautiful, smelled great, learned, played, had fun and was able to talk to her best friend, Elijah. Her wish would come true for the course of the next year and a half. But only at night, only when she was dreaming, and in each and every one of her dreams, she met Elijah.
But nearing five years old, her time was almost over at the boarding school because five years is the maximum age at this government program. She would have to be fostered or adopted out. She still did not want to speak. In fact, she acted as if nothing had ever happened since the miracle that took place when she was three and a half years old. She felt it better to observe her surroundings and not let anyone realize that she could understand, speak, walk, and do everything “normal” kids her age could do.
One day, Rachael overheard a social worker mentioning that she would be adopted the next day. She got scared and said in her head, “Living Lord of Elijah, please help me. I do not want to be fostered or adopted out. I want you to be my mom and dad. Can you take care of me? Please place me in schools and help me learn to do something for Elijah’s people in Israel. I want to stop or slow down the bloodshed so that no one in Israel would have a loved one taken from them.”
At night, though she always looked forward to sleep so that she could see the beautiful world of Elijah’s Living Lord in her dreams, she couldn’t fall asleep. She was scared, feeling nervous about being adopted out. She slept in a room with 4 beds. Three beds made up her side of the room and directly across her was one more bed. Everyone in the room slept except for Rachael that night.
At one point during the night, the girl across from her was moaning and having a bad dream. Rachael was used to hearing the girls moaning in their sleep, but this one was strong, fearful, painful moan. Rachael debated if she should get up and wake the girl because she didn’t want anyone to know that she could understand. She thought it might be smarter if the enemy did not know her abilities. The World was her enemy because the Evil one had control of this World. Rachael remembered the tricks of the Evil One and how he is out to destroy and size everyone up. She did not want to give him any ammunition. She wanted to lay low.
So Rachael called on Elijah’s Living Lord and said in her mind, “Lord, I want to help this girl from her bad dream. Help me and don’t let the Evil One hurt me. You are more powerful. Protect your creation please, I beg you.”
She got out of bed and shook the other girl gently saying, “Wake up, wake up, it isn’t real, it’s just a dream.”
“No,” the girl sobbed, “it was real! A man sexually abused me while I was in his care and when I told the social worker, nothing changed!”
The girl described the man and his family in great detail as well as the social worker. The man went by the initials M.M. The social worker went by the initials P.M. After listening to the girl’s tale, Rachael told her that if something like that should ever happen again, not to accept the situation.
“Don’t accept. Kick and scream and call on the Living Lord of Elijah to help you,” she told her resolutely.
The girl nodded in reply and drifted once more to sleep, this time in restful peace. Rachael returned to her own bed, but once again could not go to sleep. She was trying to think of how she could report this crime to the police.
“But how?” she wondered. She had no access to phones, and if she talked too publicly her cover would be blown.
That night she didn’t sleep at all. When morning finally came, a social worker took her hand and brought her to another social worker so that they could start her processing papers in the front office where Rachael’s proposed adoptive parent would be waiting.
As Rachael walked she came to the office that she had never had seen in all her five years at this facility. Upon seeing a man sitting there, she recognized him as M.M. Boldly, she spoke her first words, pointing her fingers at his office and said, “Confess your sins now or prepare for life in eternal Fire.”
As she was saying this, a women behind the desk where he was located said, “Excuse me young lady. You said, what?”
Rachael turned to her and exclaimed, “Confess your knowledge of the affair and you will only get 10 years or else prepare a Life of Eternal Fire!” As she was saying that to P.M., the man named M.M. fell to his knees and said, “Please pray for me. I will confess.”
The lady was more stubborn. Rachael went to her and picked up her phone to dial 911 but the accomplice P.M. gestured to have her hands removed from her phone but the other social worker grabbed Rachael’s hand and said, “Use my phone.”
Rachael used that phone and called the police to report the crime. Later that day, after the arrests were made, Rachael’s placement would be a topic of discussion. Rachael told the therapist she wanted to learn in the best schools but did not want to be fostered or adopted out. The first therapist mocked her, so she told him prepare to meet your maker. The second therapist was more understanding but didn’t feel that he had the authority to let her go to any school and be not fostered or adopted out. Rachael felt her temper rising and almost said prepare to meet your maker again when the therapist said, “Please I have children, please pray for me I don’t know how to help you.”
Rachael felt sorry for him and said, “Don’t worry, I will pray for you and Elijah’s Living Lord will give your family a present because of your care and fear. You and your family will enjoy 100 years of life without physical pain or death. Now go tell your supervisor that if I do not get the schools I want plus have no adoptive or foster parents then therapists will perish in alphabetical order.”
It would be almost 3 months, when 49 therapists perished. That was when she got her wish of going to the best schools, but without having any foster parents.

Chapter 4
(From Rachael’s Diary)
At 5 years old, I entered high school and it would only take 3 years to complete it. I went to the best high school in America where only the brightest kids go. At 8 years old, I attended college in Europe (Cambridge University) for 3 years. I studied robotic, computerized, medical technology (study how arm and leg movements can trigger gun, bomb, rock, knife assaults without having a weapon in your hands or feet or anywhere on your body). At 12 years old, I went 1 year to Egypt to learn Arabic. My school schedule was given to America. They would follow orders. At night, I would see Elijah in my dreams. I told him all the great things His God was doing for me during the day. I told him I would try at 12 years old to go to Israel and teach them the computerized mechanical robotic hand feet gestures to reduce bloodshed in Israel. I told Elijah that I loved his Living Lord and I loved Him. He was my best friend.
During my high school years in America, I told Elijah that music had a hold on young kids. But it had the wrong hold. Rap music as it is now can be the work of the Devil, I mentioned to him, as well as how seductive music and videos were also the work of the Devil. I told him that I could do better by entering the music world after I turned 12. I would use some of the money I made to pay for my education, then give the rest of the money earned with my music writing to Israel and Egypt.

Chapter 5
During my high school years in America, I went to my school’s library and checked out The Word Of God, “The Scriptures.” I studied on my own in addition to what Elijah and I would discuss in our dream state. I came to the realization that the “Messiah” had come but that Elijah and his people failed to recognize him.
So I started to pray, “Living Lord, Jesus Christ, help me share this with my best friend Elijah. Help me be able to remove the blindfold that Satan has everyone under.”
That night in my dream, I saw Elijah playing by the river but instead of going to say hi, I ran past him and taunted, “Try to catch me slow poke.”
I ran as fast as my little legs could go but when the Light appeared I ran even faster. Elijah slowed down and got scared and yelled, “NO, NO cover your head, look down!”
“NO! He is MY FATHER. I love him. He will not hurt me, come and see Elijah! This is the Messiah, Come and See, He IS GOOD.”
I ran so fast that Christ caught me, picked me up, and said, “Come Elijah, I want to kiss you too.”
Elijah was still scared, but I ran back to him and pushed him forward.
“Please Jesus, he is Jewish and stubborn. Kiss him, kiss him, I’m not going to let him go. I love Elijah so much because he led me to you.”
I grabbed Elijah’s hands and I told him hug Jesus. He did, but was confused. Jesus picked him and I up, saying, “You are going to be eternally together from now on. Your LOVE for ME came together best when you joined forces. My gift to you for eternity is One Life To Live, two flesh that become one. You are the first of the many blessings I will bestow upon the Earth when I erase the memory of the Evil one.”
Jesus Christ put us down and we walked around his beautiful Garden World. I explained to Elijah that the Evil One tried to foul Ishmael and Isaac, sons of Abraham. Both children were required to follow the God of their father. Instead Ishmael was fouled by the Evil One and abandoned his father’s religion instead of continuing with the Laws of Moses. Isaac
would also transgress. He would abandon the Law of Moses and become worldly. Keeping the Sabbath Holy was not important. So I was so happy that Elijah knew Jesus Christ and that now he could go and be a Messianic Jew during the day.
I would continue to get my education from the top schools. At around 8 years old, I had another very important dream. But this one did not have Elijah. Instead, I saw men who looked primitive and wore no clothing except a loincloth. They were climbing a metal transformer tower.
Seeing this, I wanted to beat them to the top, but I couldn’t climb it like they could and they already had a head start over me. Realizing that I was the smallest and fastest out of all of them on foot, I decided to run to the top.
Reaching first, I looked up to see a Satellite. When I saw the Satellite, I looked to my right and an arrow of fire was coming towards me. At that moment, an invisible shield went up and the arrow of fire did not reach me or hit the invisible shield but went back to the people that fired it in the first place.
I ran down the tower. I went through the bloodied men. I picked up a man, forced him up and pushed him to go through the invisible shield. But his body did not go through. I tried again, a 2nd time, still the bloodied man did not go through the shield. I tried a 3rd time, but to no avail.
For the longest time, I tried to figure out where I could put this Satellite so that I could protect Elijah’s Jewish people. I kept thinking that it must be where the Tower of Babel was located. But no, even that didn’t make sense.
But one day, by THE GRACE OF THE LIVING LORD, JESUS CHRIST explained the satellite to me. He helped me understand that the Evil One was using a Satellite made to destroy anyone who does not worship him. However, the way to find protection would not be from worshipping the maker of the satellite. It would be in “THE CROSS.” The Cross would be for individuals or nations who wanted an armor against the Evil One. Anyone who puts the armor of THE CROSS would not perish but have everlasting eternal LIFE with CHRIST. These would be the last 7 years that Daniel the prophet talked about in the Old Testament.

Chapter 6
In our dream states, Elijah and I were married and continued to grow in Love with Christ.
During the day, when I reached 12 years old, I went to Egypt. I made arrangements to visit Israel in the summer before I would go to New York for a 4 year degree at the Institute of Performing Arts where I would major in music, song writing. I would even hand-pick the artists I wanted to write for.
So while visiting Israel, I decided to write an email to the Prime Minister saying that I have a message from the Living Lord for him. A meeting is set-up and to help me The Living Lord does not allow me to look at the cabinet member’s faces; I would not be able to discern their identities that way. This is so that the message is not lost by me should I lose focus. Unknown to me at the time, Elijah, the one who I have dreams with, was at this meeting as well as all the other cabinet members for the Prime Minister.
I began by telling everyone that I am here because I love The Living Lord of Elijah Daniel. It was his story, I say, that freed me from my severe autism, and his God who showed and taught me more than most humans have ever experienced. I am here to share what I learned from these fine schools that America has paid for in an effort to reduce or ideally eliminate the bloodshed of the Israeli people.
I offered them two different methods for protection: the first possibly working from what I learned at Cambridge, or the second, a guaranteed method from my dream. I showed them all my educational degrees and I told them that maybe what I showed them would save lives. But I tell them to listen first to this:
“You are a blessed people, chosen by God. He loves you. You are waiting for the Messiah. He has come already. He will be the one who helps you now in time of need. Believe in THE CROSS, THE CROSS is the answer.”
Afterwards, I recount my satellite dream to them and the story of how the Evil one plans to destroy all creation.
“Everything the Living Lord makes the Evil One tries to destroy. He is the father of all Lies, a Murderer. He introduced Seduction, Theft, Affairs, Hatred, Envy, Lust and anything else that is bad. The Living Lord only introduces GOOD GIFTS and it is your choice to follow or abandon the boundaries set for you by your Protector. But the Evil one is on borrowed time. Scripture will be fulfilled. The seed of the woman will strike his head and he will be in Eternal Fire along with every other creature who chose to follow him and did not accept the call of Jesus Christ.”
The Prime Minister and his cabinet members were getting their chance to hear about the Living Lord, Jesus Christ, just as everyone on Earth would get to hear about their Creator and how much He loves them: that He gave His only Son to Be Put to Death as a payment for all our sins and transgression. His Son’s blood would wash us from head to toe white as snow and we would be able to stand with him forever after that GREAT SACRIFICE.
Then I told them that they could do this the easy way or do it the hard way.
“I will ask you a series of questions. You will write your answers on a piece of paper and turn it over. This is only practice. I don’t want it to count unless I have the right number of people so that all of you can be witnesses to Miracles today.”

Chapter 7
“First question, how many people here believe that the Living Lord can bring Elijah’s parents back from the grave, right now? Write your answers. Think hard. Do not limit your Creator. He is powerful. He is an awesome God. Even I’ll participate in the answering of this question and it can be counted.”
But what Rachael didn’t realize was that Elijah Daniel, the same Elijah she would only see in her dreams, was also in the room.
Everyone voted. Both she and Elijah answered that yes, The Living Lord could bring his parents from the grave.
Rachael knew that she only needed one other vote beside her own. She counted the votes, she saw that she had two saying “yes”.
She started to cry, saying, “Thank you, Thank you! I love Elijah. I know he’ll be so happy to meet his parents after we complete our meeting.”
“All right, second question: how many people believe anything I told you about the Creation story and the Evil One trying to blind all? Vote now, and if I get the right number, a blessing will be bestowed on the ones who voted correctly and it will extend to their families. Also, those who are brave can share their blessing by writing the names of the cabinet members in this room should they answer correctly. But this time, I’m not allowed to participate with you.”
Again, she needed only two votes, and again, she received them. The Prime Minister was one and Elijah was the other. Elijah wrote he wanted everyone in the room to receive the blessing as well as their respective families. Once again, she cried and said, “Thank you, Thank you! The blessing is 100 years of no physical pain or death for all members of the cabinet and their loved ones. If any of you had any physical pain in their body, the aches will now disappear.”
“The last question, the most important one, is this: Can anyone here name the Messiah? Again, A blessing would be extended to the person and his family, 1,000 years of physical pain free, no death, with Jesus Christ reigning on Earth. I will vote with you once more.”
This time, however, she needed 3 people, to which she once again received. Elijah wrote Jesus Christ, the Prime Minister wrote Jesus Christ, and Rachael herself wrote Jesus Christ.
Counting the votes, she cried and said, “Thank you, Thank you! Now I can place a sign on your side of the Nation Israel that will protect you against your enemies. You have many enemies that are waiting to drink your blood.”
Boldly she said, “Take me to the most Holy Place in Israel, the site where the temple used to be and all three of us, Prime Minister, Elijah, and myself will place and make the Sign of The Cross. When we say ‘In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’ a shield will go up in Israel on your side only. Anyone intending to harm the Jewish people here will have their own intention thrown back at their face, while you, the original target will not be harmed.”
After the three accomplished that task, Elijah was to go to his supposed birth home had the bomb never taken his parents from him. There his parents would be alive, resurrected by Jesus Christ as a miracle for non-believers that Christ Jesus was the Messiah. Rachael was invited to stay and enjoy Israel before returning to America to pursue her musical degree in New York, but she did not recognize Elijah or his parents though she spent all her time with them.
Elijah was her personal tour guide. His birth parents loved her and so did Elijah. He wanted so much to tell her who he was but God had told him that Rachael had too much passion. The message and the mission would be too hard for her to deliver should she know his identity.
“But you Elijah,” said Jesus, “have restraint. That is why I let you know so that you can see at the end of both of your missions that you will be together for eternity. Right now you see each other only in your dream state.”

Chapter 8
Before the summer was up in Israel, Rachael made sure the Israeli government set up her music and motion pictures label company. Israel would be the parent of RED M & M pictures: Rachael Elijah Daniel Music and Motion Pictures.
The breakdown of funds made were as follows: 45% to the Nation of Israel, 45% to Charity specifically for the people of Egypt, and the
last 10% to be used by Rachael to pay taxes and continue doing other film and music projects. Regarding any legal question, Israel would handle it on behalf of Rachael. But first she had to pay back the United States. She figured it would take about 3 ½ years of successful song writing in New York before her educational bill would be paid in full to America. So for the time being and as soon as she arrived in New York, the U.S. government would get 80% and Rachael would get 20%, 10% going to Israel (they would pay her taxes) and 10% going to people suffering in Egypt.
The 3 ½ years writing songs went quickly. Her debt was paid to America in full. She received a scholarship to attend USC. She planned to make her film acting debut with USC film students as her producers, actors, supporting personnel. Unknown to her, Elijah would be at USC but God caused her not to recognize him so her mission and message would be on track. He was also a star football quarterback for USC. Elijah would be her director and she would star in all of his films. She met Elijah the first day she went to the University. She asked him if he knew someone willing to give up his or her one bedroom apartment if she doubled the rent they paid. She told him she did not want a roommate.
They hit it off. He knew of an apartment across his, a one bedroom. He set her up and they started working together on their first movie production: “Being In America”. Their first movie was a comedy made exclusively for the Middle East. It was about an Egyptian girl who lived in Egypt and was going to visit her dad in America. He had two other children in America. One male was her half-brother and the other female was her step sister.
The girl would have a hard time adjusting to the American culture and their schools. She butted heads with her half-brother. She admired her step-sister because she was so free going, uninhabited, and had a different boyfriend everyday. The girl wanted that free, relaxed, short clothing, sexy look and feel.
She gets in trouble at the airport, LAX. They catch her bringing Arabic white, smelly cheese and mistaken it for cocaine. They arrest her and the girl cries that her mom sabotaged her dreams of being in America.
Jail is interesting for her. She can’t believe all the great food offered. At the end of 12 days, she receives a lawyer. He petitions the court to dismiss the case. He also wants compensation for the girl since she was not offered foods that met her religious standards. Despite all this, she finally makes it to her dad’s American home. She goes to high school with her siblings and while it is hard to adjust, she is a character. Her music abilities get her praise.
One day, she hears about a song/dance-off with some other high schools. The girl takes it as a pride issue and wants to participate in the challenge. But she is told that it is for boys only. So she dresses in loose closing and pretends to be a male. She does a rap number with 2 other rappers in the school and wins the challenge. She becomes an instant hit.
This movie turns out to be a major hit, getting two more installments, primarily for the Middle East audiences. The first one is entered in the Cannes Film festival and wins, earning RED M & M Pictures notoriety and a large amount of money for Israel and Egypt. The 2nd installment of “Being In America” features the girl attending college and her efforts to try to land a husband. It is another comedy with the central plot about an Egyptian girl wanting to get an American to fall in love with her and treat her like a queen. Most guys run away from her since the first thing she asks is “When will you marry me?”
The final installment is the girl finally leaving college and moving out to live in her own apartment, learning to drive, and being part of the American work force. It is yet again another comedy since she can’t master any of these tasks and is stuck to her Egyptian culture.
“Sin City Las Vegas Style” was the next project, a movie for Americans starring Rachael as a girl with two of her school buddies of her younger years. They are young adults going to college and holding a part-time job in a diner. One of the boys still has a crush on Rachael’s character since the 6th grade. But she is still trying to find Mr. Right. She does part-time work in an office in addition to working in the diner. The big boss in the office takes notice of the girl’s beauty. He seduces her and invites her to Las Vegas. Her two guy childhood friends do not like him, especially the young man who still has a crush on her. She goes to Las Vegas with her boss. She gets pregnant and upon returning home he dumps her. The two friends find out. The young man who has a crush on her plans to poison him and succeeds.
Meanwhile, the girl needs to figure out what to do with the baby. She ponders aborting, but quickly changes her mind. Her crush doesn’t mind marrying her and taking care of the baby. At the end, they put the baby up for the adoption. Though the police investigated the murder, they could never find any evidence that the girl or the two young men had anything to do with murder of this high ranking executive.
“Military and Law Enforcement Can Not Help”, the 3rd movie, had to do with the military personnel and the post traumatic stress syndrome that they experience when they return from work, combat, or war. The movie follows a young couple in love. Rachael’s character and her husband are starting out their life. He joins the military and gets shipped out to be in a highly combative zone in the Middle East. She is pregnant when he leaves. Upon returning, he is a changed man. Violence consumes him. He is almost non-human with his wife and young son. He is extremely jealous of anyone Rachael talks to and on one occasion almost killed her in a domestic violence episode. Rachael tells him to get help from the military.
But he tells her, “There is shame for guys who cry for help.”
Rachael knows he is not the same man. Something in his head is not the same. She wants him to get medical help. But the U.S. government is not equipped with what it created. She leaves him and goes to Europe to investigate head trauma and discovers men and women with weapons, cops, military, TSA, etc. have something in the brain that is the equivalent of a mind of a suicidal bomber, jihadist mentality and more sophisticated screening would be necessary before these people hold weapons in their hands. Also those who do combat need rehabilitation to become normal members of the community.

Chapter 9
After this 3rd project, RED M & M Pictures sweeps the Academy Awards. Rachael is not there to receive the awards but instead tells her team to announce that she is on assignment that will revolutionize the way we pay to watch movies, receive internet, communicate. Rachael would be trying to bring a technology that would bring the media directly to your specific eye and ear, and only the person would see it, while no one else would see what you are seeing. The technology would be for your view only.
Rachael was packing at her USC dorm when someone knocked at her door. She opened the door and saw that the person was Elijah. This time Rachael recognized it was the same Elijah from her dream state. But she was scared. She didn’t want anyone getting in her way, not even Elijah. Rachael loved the Living Lord and wanted to complete her mission and message. Her true love would first be the Living Lord, then everything else would be added by the Lord.
Rachael pretended she didn’t know Elijah. In the back of her head, she thought maybe Satan was tricking her and wanted her to slow down but she would not cooperate. She vowed to be Faithful to the Living Lord of Elijah regardless if Elijah was in front of her or not.
So she asked him, “What can I do for you?”
Elijah replied, “I will escort you to Israel.”
She accepted but did not engage in any small talk with him. Her focus is on the mission and the message only.
In Israel, they have a warehouse where they can develop the movie technology. Rachael calls it Son light technology. She is suspicious of Elijah. She eats very little, afraid the food is poisoned. She eats fresh bread that she bakes on high temperature with some honey. While in Israel, she begins to contact the American media, giving them a preview of Son light technology and how she will soon come to America with a pilot program.
She brings the Son light technology to America mid year of her senior year at USC and within 3 ½ years of entering that university, the technology would be fully developed. She invites 1,000 people to test Son light technology. But the world is already buzzing about the private hologram technology that only your ear and eyes can hear and see.

Chapter 10
When she arrives in America, she goes to check in a fancy hotel. A knock is heard, signaling that someone is at the door. Rachael opens the door. This time she knows it is Satan. But she lets him in.
He tells her that he will give her anything if she shares her technology. So she tells him, “I want you. One man for one woman, all eyes on ME, Breathe me, Love ME , and be with ME, that’s all I’ve ever desired.”
If he agrees, she would retire and give him full control of her empire that she was growing.
He asks her, “When?”
“I am almost finished finalizing the last details, as soon as I rap it, we can escape for 6 months and when we come back we can unveil to the world to see.”
It would take 6 months for them to package the Son light technology in the form of a phone. Rachael takes care of the final details and escapes with him for a short period of time. Before they secretly team up, she releases a song.

#1 Song- Visions of a Sinner
(used by God only when she realized she was lower than dirt)
Lost In Translation, my Revelations

Chapter 11
Within 6 months, Rachael returns with her new man ready to reveal the gadget that the world would not be able to live without. It would range between $500 to $1000 depending on the accessories you want. She would unveil the phone gadget at USC.
Set up for it requires your fingerprint, eye scan, voice sample, handwriting sample, and facial recognition. It only requires a one time set up, then you are set for eternity. The Son light technology would also act as a bank.
That meant no more paper and no more going to a location to fill something out. You wouldn’t ever need to leave the comfort of your house. In fact, when you are done with the set-up, you need not even carry the phone with you anymore. Once you program it: Done. You are a FREE Man. It would operate on your voice command, your voice only.
Rachael and her new man entered an assembly room at USC. She locked the door and told Satan to sit down until she made her presentation to the world and then she would introduce him and he would take over the empire. With the door locked, no one could go neither in nor out. All satellites around the world are carrying this presentation at the same time.
Rachael begins by saying that whether or not a person uses this technology is their choice. “Nothing is by force. At the end of the presentation you will decide if you want to make this your Life Choice.”
She holds up the phone and shows some of its features along with a short movie featuring Son light technology. Her presentation screen is split, half on her holding the phone, the other on the short movie.
The movie went like this: American Jewish parents of a 3 ½ year old girl, severely autistic, vacation in Israel where the girl is kidnapped. A woman takes care of her. The girl thought that this women was part of her kidnapping at first. But THE LADY was Her Protector. Two men are responsible for her kidnapping: Iran and the Palestinian Regime.
From Israel, the kidnappers then move her to Egypt. At 8 ½ years old the girl tries to make her escape with the message, “The Cross Is The Answer”, imprinted in her heart and mind. She runs to the American embassy in Egypt. A man with A CROSS helps her at the embassy. He calls her parents in America. A man and woman from the American Embassy escort Rachael to a private room.
Rachael is unable to locate THE LADY who protected her all these years in Egypt. She is given a laptop to entertain herself. As she waits for her parents to come get her from America, she sends an email to the Prime Minister of Israel, saying that she has a message from the Living Lord. But the girl can only write, for she has no speech abilities. She types her message, but soon after, falls asleep.
Later, she is awoken by a women who says that the Israeli Prime Minister wants to see and congratulate her on surviving all those years under her kidnappers. She meets the Prime Minister and writes her ordeal with the answer to stopping the blood shed as, “The Cross Is The Answer.” She writes for him that the Living Lord will enable her to leave a technology in Israel that will protect its people from their enemies if a certain number of people believe, “The Cross Is The Answer.” Soon thereafter, her parents came to Israel and took her home.
Shortly, within 6 months, the Prime Minister called her and said that he believed they had the right number of believers. She did not tell her parents that this was an issue of Faith, and only one person would need to believe, the Prime Minister would receive the technology.
So the girl goes to Israel and with the Prime Minister make the Sign of The Cross on where the temple should have been, telling him, “Watch with Awe what Your God will do for your people in protecting them. Any harm set for your people, the Living Lord will repel the harm intended and drive it back to the instigators.”
She asked him to help her contact the President in the White House because the Living Lord had a message for him also. But the President would not contact the girl for over a year. When he finally contacts the girl, he threatens her to stop the message.
The girl boldly replies, “Denounce Satan, denounce Evil and promote The Word of God in all public places and schools.”
He says, “No.”
“Then meet your maker.” And the breath of life went out of him.
The Vice President comes in. The girl tells him that now it would be his turn, except that he would now have to abolish the Supreme Court, and that the House and Senate would have to be reconstructed to represent people working on behalf of The Word of God.
The VP cooperates, but explains that it would take a long time to rework the House and Senate. Rachael tells him that a lot of blood would be shed because his speed was not fast enough; their enemies are much faster. But she would pray to God to slow down the bloodshed.
Rachael gathers new people who came into The Word of God in America. People that practiced different faith or were just a label of faith, were now believers in The Cross. Her team would go to public places and make the Sign of The Cross. The Cross is the only protection from the Evil One. Only with the Sign of The Cross would people escape bombs, bullets, and nuclear war meant for them, and instead have it travel back to the ones who fired it. But despite all this, Rachael and her team were unable to cover all the public territories that belonged to America. Some people would end up dying and many young children lost their lives while attending schools.
The president’s body was taken to Israel for a future miracle. Rachael traveled to Russia to confront the Russian Prime Minister.
“Denounce Satan and stop Evil from entering these countries: Iran, Syria, Korea, China, Japan, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey.”
He replied, “NO.”
“Then,” she told him, “prepare to meet your maker.” His body would remain in Russia, where no future miracles would happen for him or his people.
The girl tells the VP that the Living Lord wants him to take a recorded message to 10 nations, with the message being, “The Cross Is The Answer.”
The VP would only need to disseminate the message and be not responsible if they believed it or not. If he cooperated then the Living Lord would look with favor and slow the bloodshed lost on American Soil due to Satan’s wrath and put back the breathe of life in the former President.
But he would need to get him back from Israel. Because the VP cooperates, more people are protected because of his brave conviction to The Word of God.
The movie halts and Rachael addressed the world as her brothers and sisters saying, “This will happen if you do not embrace the Word of God. I have Satan here with me. For the past 6 months now he has been in hiding with me to give you a chance to think clearly. This is for your benefit. With him gone you can make up your mind about whether to believe in the Living Lord Jesus Christ. Choose the Word of God, it costs nothing; it is free. It will protect you when Satan leaves this room and wages war with the world. Cling to Christ. You do not need to buy this phone. The Cross Is The Answer. Free of Charge. No service plan or product is needed to activate the protection, only believe In The Cross. Jesus paid the price for you on The Cross with his blood. He was crucified, died, buried, and raised on the third day in fulfillment of the Scriptures. He loves you. Satan is your enemy. Satan hates you and wants to destroy you so he can Lord it over you. Christ wants to be with you in fellowship, friendship, love and Thanksgiving. The Word of God is your armor, it will protect you from destruction. Come to Christ, know his Words and follow His Standards and Holy conduct that is expected from you and he will be the answer to all your problems. Any and all problems are solved with THE CROSS. Problems with marriage, sexual issues, physical disabilities and much more are conquered with THE CROSS. Believe The Word of God and you will have protection against the Evil One.”
Now at that moment, Satan got out of his chair, went to Rachael and broke her neck and laughed to himself and said, “I thought God said this was the smartest creature he ever made? She is STUPID!” Satan opened the door and entered the world again.
Jesus resurrected Rachael and she and Elijah were seen going to heaven waving goodbye to all. They looked happy, beautiful, and forever in Love. The message and the mission for both of them was completed: “The Cross Is The Answer.”

A Closing Riddle
Here is a little food for thought
What is the number that represents the Living Lord? The answer is 3, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What is the number for Satan? Satan is the number 4. He always wants to be greater than God who is Christ. 666 is a time period representing 6 month interval for Satan. His number is 4.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Rasha Ayad Mekhail.
Published on e-Stories.org on 04/03/2013.


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