Maddiie Vali

Goodbye Confusion

For years,

I have been judged,
I have been told I'm not
worth much.
For years, 
friends came and went,
People who supposedly cared,
but they didn't. 
I overcame
the feeling of loneliness,
It was replaced 
by a feeling of confusion.
But it was a good
A good, happy, yet
frustrating confusion.
telling yourself, That's it!
Annoying people
and too much trouble.
Building up a wall,
only to have someone 
come along and,
unknowingly, knock it down.
Did he like me?
Did he not?
All these thoughts
occupying my mind. 
Day in, day out,
Many signals,
Yet not enough
for me. 
Now, it's good
to know,
that I am happy
and content.
Sharing many laughs,
Smiles, giggles,
Dumb jokes and ideas. 
But now, I am no longer confused.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Maddiie Vali.
Published on on 04/25/2013.


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