Kegan N.

A Love So Dearly Missed

I stood, hands trembling at my side
The rain washing tears down my cheeks,
my pain, as well as my grief
till they all fell into the tumbling of my gutts ride

Something holy, familiar and comfortable to me
escapes without a moments notice
I turn to realise my uselessness
and decide ulitmately, to let you be

For what could I say, if in the end you had to go
Just like the falling of the autumn leaves
you would need to flee me
and I brush away the remnants of your glow

I remember still, the hurt inside as I stared through the ever dwindling glass
and the crossing of my fingers as you looked back to the effect of your desertion
through the rising steams of the carraiges exhaustion,
I believe the angel spoke to me, as I heard the boom and saw the blast

Would that I live so you could fall,
Or that I run so you would walk
even as I stared into the blistering glass
and saw your face kissing satans mouth.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Kegan N..
Published on on 05/03/2013.


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