Sabrina Goergen

Inner Thoughts

Inner Thoughts
You talk about the void in your heart,
Its cracked and its broken and given away part by part.

You say its a game that the powers do play,
Scheming and fighting till they get their own way.

You tell me your armor is tarnished and worn,
That some nights you wish you never were born.

Mabey I'll heal that void in your heart,
The crack will fade and I'll find all the parts.

I'll peice them together and take extra care,
To give you my love and hope that youll share.

I'll dismantal the game and search every nook,
To find what was lost to return what was took.

I'll polish your armor with all of my tears,
Removing and destroying all of you fears.

I'll tell you I love you and that it feels so right,
To be held close by you and kissed by you each night.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sabrina Goergen.
Published on on 12/18/2005.


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