Marc Backhaus

Carla the Sand Witch

Carla the Sand Witch
found a young bear
which she took
under her care.
The birds flew by and cheeped in bewilder-
ment at the occupation that now fulfilled her.
She made him a sandwich
like only she could
thus made him the
happiest bear in the wood.
The Sand Witch sandwich
he said was delicious
she christened him Christen
and gave him three wishes.
He wished for a kiss
but not from a duck
she thus gave him this
and also a
               piece of luck.
He drowned in a puddle
was buried a mess
Carla the Sand Witch
couldn't care less.
The birds flew by and chirpled in terror
at how utterly innocent the bear could bear her.
Then one by one each ate a crumb
and once again they all went numb.
Carla the Sand Witch
found a young bear
which she took
under her care
and under the earth
with rotting hair
he lay in decay
which wasn't quite fair.
Carla the Sand Witch
was left feeling bare.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Marc Backhaus.
Published on on 09/19/2013.


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