Kegan N.


As you step up to the plate,
I wonder what is at play here; is it fate?
Like the seasons that come to pass, I feel you too had a reason to glance my way.
Was it destiny? That turned you towards me.
Or was it, perhaps something far more stimulating.

These questions berate me, but even worse
is this feeling.
Why do I feel as if I know you?
when in fact we had just met, minutes ago.

And in my arms, you feel so familiar.
Though your beauty i have never known i feel a fear that you, i may have already burned.
Yet delicately you speak, words that are lifted by the voice of an angel
and eyes that sparkle in the light of your smile.
And laugh ever so lightly as you squeal with delight
that we had never met, but you two feel this is right.

And then it hits, like the first rains of spring,
refreshing and sparingly, but yet enveloping.
That i have not known you, but in my dreams
I have already loved you. I have kissed you,
I have caressed your face, I have had you, and you have
loved me, we have been, and you and me,
in this meeting, finally,
we can be, as two truly should.
Together, in harmony


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Kegan N..
Published on on 10/03/2013.


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