Sayani Nath

Princes Katerina

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Katrina. She was very beautiful. But she was very sad because she has not beautiful dress, shoes and jwellery. One day she was playing in the forest with her friends. Suddenly, she saw a beautiful box when she open it she saw a paper and beautiful dresses, jwellery and shoes. In the papere there was written than show the way to the palace. She went to the palace. when she went there queen Midas said that " Welcome my dear ". The girl said that I got a box in the forest and in that box I found a letter and in the letter was written "help ! help!  and the map of the palace was drawn here". Queen Midas said, "give me the map". When the girl gave her the map queen Midas said," 100 years ago prince Carlos hid this box. In the forest suddenly the bad witch came there and turn the prince into gold. And took him to the witch forest. This is why any one of this palace do not touch the box". She also told, " The prince will turn into a human being only when a 12 years old beautiful girl will touch the box and were the dresses, shoes and jwellery and dance with the gold statue of the prince".
Katrina was 12 years old and she was very beautiful. So she told the queen that she would try to dance with the gold statue. when Katerina wore the dress, shoes and jwellery and dance with the gold statue the prince became ordinary man and he married Katerina.and lived happily with her ever after.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sayani Nath.
Published on on 10/04/2013.


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