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Geboren am 02.07.1972. Studienabbrecher, Ex-Obdachlos, Katzen-Kuschler, und Fenster-Nie-Richtig-Putzer. Im Jahr 2023 blickte ich hier auf 20 Jahre alte Texte von mir. Aus Zeiten, als Rechtschreibkorrektur & mit Kritikern zusammenarbeiten noch optional schien. E-Stories und das Team um Jörg Schwab waren lange Zeit Weggefährten auf meinen Abwegen der Muse. Korrektorat & Lektorat kann ich mir nicht leisten. 

  • Die Nutzung meiner elektronischen Texte und die Umsetzung der darin enthaltenen Informationen erfolgen ausdrücklich auf eigenes Risiko. Selbiges gilt für Audio- & Video-Adaptionen. Rechts- und Schadenersatzansprüche sind ausgeschlossen.




Born on the 2nd of July in the year 1972. University dropout, ex-homeless, cat-cuddler, and window-never-flawless-scrubber. In the year 2023 some of my oldest contributions here were 20 years old. Back then, when proofreading & collaborating with critics still seemed optional. E-stories and the team of Jörg Schwab have been creative companions for quite a while now.

  • No warranties. My prose, rants, podcast episodes, and ebooks, are offered solely for personal contemplation purposes and in hope of earnig money. The author and publisher are not offering it as legal, accounting, or other professional services advice.



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Liber Kiffmet — An Occult Dream Gone Weird02/29/2024 Drugs and Addiction
A Crowbar & Some Dare (Burglary gone awry)02/09/2024 Crime
Banish with Laughcraft - A Weirdly-Humorous Cthulhu-Roleplay Tale11/09/2003 Fantasy
Blood Bowl (Warhammer Rugby) - Underdog Tale02/14/2024 Fairy Tales
Family Affairs aka My Avenging Vampire02/21/2023 Experimental
Harsh Words, Fiercer Deeds - The Shadow's Kiss - D&D Tale 205/28/2023 Politics & Society
“In bed with Professor Hammersmith” so to say05/06/2005 Fantasy
Jacky's Prince Of Dreams 1.5 (Psychic Crime Fiction)02/21/2023 Crime
Minimalist Fiction: Assassin Yoga!08/12/2023 Satire
Nightwalk - A Ghoulish Tour (Supernatural Horror)09/19/2023 Horror
One Seance to fool 'em All! - The Sleepover (horror comedy)01/25/2024 Growing Up
Only A Dream, Jesus! (Nightmarish Faith-Fiction)09/26/2023 War & Peace
Otherworldly - An Expired Copyright Drama (Lovecraftian Horror)09/18/2023 Psychological
Shadow-Friends - A Cyberpunky Story Of Doom03/15/2023 Sorrow
She Who Dreamed Of Dragons (Barbarian Tales)11/01/2023 Fantasy
The Dragon-Robber - A Lizardman Rogue Tale02/16/2024 Fantasy
The Last Respite Tavern Incident - A D&D Tale In Character05/27/2023 Fantasy
The Obfuscated Thunderbird - Occult Detective Fiction02/28/2023 Travel Stories / My Home Country
The Unmentionable Horror In The Box ( Lovecraftian Horror )10/11/2023 Horror
The Warlock's Shadow - A Flash Fiction Cthulhu Horror Tale02/04/2024 Horror
The Wizard's Tower - Swords & Sorcery Tale02/24/2024 Mystery

First release on 09/20/2003.

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