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Welcome to the Mother's Day Poetry category on e-Stories.org! Here, you will discover a collection of heartfelt poems crafted by talented hobby authors. The role of a mother is of immense significance in a child's life, shaping their journey from childhood to adulthood. This category celebrates the importance of mothers, both as a guiding figure during our formative years and as a source of unwavering love and support throughout our lives. In these poems, you will encounter expressions of gratitude and admiration for mothers. Inspired by personal experiences, these words beautifully convey the profound impact a mother has on our lives. From the unconditional love and care they provide to the strength and resilience they instill within us, these poems capture the essence of the timeless bond between a mother and child. Mother's Day is a special occasion to honor and appreciate the incredible women who have shaped our lives. It offers an opportunity to express our deep gratitude for their selflessness and sacrifices. A poem is a wonderful gift to convey our feelings and appreciation to our mothers. Through heartfelt verses, we can convey the love and admiration that sometimes words alone cannot capture. At e-Stories.org, we celebrate the talent and creativity of hobby authors who eloquently depict the significance of mothers through their poetic expressions. We invite you to explore this heartwarming collection of Mother's Day poems, where you will find verses that inspire and touch your soul. Moreover, we encourage you to share your own poems, as e-Stories.org provides a platform to freely publish your own writings. By sharing your own words of gratitude, you contribute to the celebration of the immeasurable value that mothers bring to our lives.

Poems Mother´s Day

Title Author:
BELLA MADREVicente Gómez Quiles
DEAR MOTHERJoshua Akinwande
Del gremboVolodymyr Knyr
És dolça, dolça la teua caraMaria Teresa Aláez García
Eve Volodymyr Knyr
Fete de mereMarion Hartmann
for early mayMartin Winter
L O V EMarlene Remen
MadreOriada Dajko
MaternidadMaria Teresa Aláez García
MotherMike Arnold
MOTHERSElisab Beatriz Valero
Mother´s DayErika Seetzen-Woods
Non stato interessanteVolodymyr Knyr
TARAVicente Gómez Quiles
Una città in un giorno.Gabriele Zarotti
wonderful personKatarina Luck