Inge Offermann

Butterfly in the hair

Had found rest
in a nest
of curly
sunset hair.
Grey butterfly
has spanned
his shadowy wings
over a blue-veiled,
singing body and
tiny, brown shoulders.
There he rested
some minutes
seeming eternity.

Schmetterling im Haar

Ruheplatz in einem Nest lockiger
Der graue Schmetterling
breitete seine Schattenflügel
über einen blauverhüllten,
singenden Körper und
zierliche, braune Schultern.
dort ruhte er einige Minuten,
die Ewigkeit schienen.

© Inge Hornisch


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Inge Offermann.
Published on on 08/31/2014.


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