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We can never become the image of God, but a demigod! //Part-1

If Homo sapiens uses his intellect and the highly technical possibilities to the full, he becomes a demigod and can forget his animal origins !! - It would be a great pity if this magnificent species somehow destroyed itself or eventually died out (which has happened to countless animal species).
A huge expenditure of time and evolution as well as many happy coincidences brought us humans into being:

- First the cosmic evolution: From the Big Bang to the formation of galaxies and suns to the formation of planets
- Then the chemical evolution, which in a long time creates, among other things, the atmospheric basis of life on certain planets
- Finally, biological evolution, which leads on earth from unicellular organisms to animals to humans...

 At least three large groups should prepare in good time and launch into space at the latest when there is danger - spread there - so that the precious human (research) fire never goes out . Because no cow, no dolphin, octopus and eagle can ever recognize, explore, analyze, evaluate and colonize the universe. And they also have absolutely no idea about the micro-cosmos...
There are already quantitative and qualitative worlds between the whistling language of dolphins, which are regarded as intelligent, such as blue whales (mammals) and the vocabulary of modern man! Not to mention the silence of almost all other fish and the ancestral sounds of our close relatives, the great apes.
Also, no animal species can compete with the culinary variety of food, the enormous selection of drinks and the sex possibilities of us humans. The trappings (e.g. with objects) are also completely different when eating and drinking. Our animal ancestors also have no temporal or local control options when mating, etc.
And now we come to areas that are completely closed to animals and will probably always remain so: the enormous cultural, employment and technical possibilities of man:

 - Whether dance, singing, painting, sculpture, acting, writing, etc.

- Whether hundreds of professional, leisure and sporting activities

- Or rockets, probes, telescopes, microscopes, skyscrapers, ships and countless more

 ... In these disciplines, Homo sapiens can be more divine than animal. Even if it is far from enough to be the 'image of the total god', it will probably never be enough...

There is possibly so much that separates us from the animal species - if we fully exploit the great positive intellectual possibilities! - just as we are still removed from a total god. Animals don't have the slightest chance of scoring a single point on any of the points mentioned, gaining even a spark of divinity in that sense! They always remain just a creation, just a work, only dependent (on the circumstances of nature, on their instincts, on people, etc.). That can help us a little on the damn difficult and long path to becoming a demigod - and then also to the neighboring suns A consolation, but it should also be an obligation.

 I have nothing against most animals and I don't want to defame them. However, such a comparison of facts is indispensable for determining the position of man. At least in a time and world where some contemporaries claim without blushing:
animals are smarter and better than humans! (I have probably taken the wind out of their sails with this article...)

Being totally divine also means and prefers not only being subject to the constraints of nature (laws) - even being completely dependent on it or even being yourself. For me, a true god is anyway detached from his work - creation or nature - stands above it because...

...a helmsman is never part of his ship; a factory owner never part of his machines; a zoo director never touches the heart of any of his animals; a Michelangelo never in his paintings, etc.. It would be too funny and a wrong world where you no longer knew where the front and the back are.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 03/30/2023.


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