Rebecca Sanderson

O´Brien Down Under

Utter bewilderment was on his face. The black haired exchange student from
‘down-under’ just stared at his Irish exchange partner. 
“You’ve got to kidding.”
The Irish boy – aged 21 – shook his head ever so slightly not wanting to
spill his Guinness. 
“Nah! I wouldn’t kid ‘round ‘bout that kina stuff mate!”
“But-but I mean you’re a boy!” black haired Nate stammered.
“So?” the Irish was clearly neither convinced nor impressed by this counter
“Well yes - ah I mean no – ugh… oh Christ!” Nate lay his head in
resignation on the bar counter, gleaming highly interested to the crumbs on it.
“So you mean…”
“And you are…”
“And you haven’t just lost a bet, and are trying to freak me out?”
“Hell nah! I may drink a lot, but I don’t gamble!”
“So… now what?” Nate questioned silently.
“You’ve still got another two weeks here ain’t ya? If you want to, you
could switch families.”
Nate looked at the Irish drinking his black beer and sighed. “I won’t change
“Huh? Why not?”
“’cause I have no problems with … a… uhm…”
“With a gay exchange partner from Ireland?” Frank helped Nate.
“Yeah! Ah- I mean no – yes … uhm I’ll stay.” Drinking a deep sip of
his Guinness he turned to the Irish. “But Frank - I warn you – Do Something.
And I’ll kill you!”
Frank started laughing and patted Nate’s shoulder. “No pro buddy. I’ll
keep my hands of your ass!”
Against his will, Nate blushed, looking furiously at Frank. Frank - on the other
hand – leaned forward grinning broadly. Although haven drunken 3 ½ pints of
Guinness, the red haired Irish was still sober.  “My, my… ain’t that just
“Shut up Frank.”
Sitting himself a little straighter he mumbled “I just meant…”
“But Nate-“
“Not another word Frank. Or I’ll personally castrate you with the help of an
“Australia has crocodiles-”
“Right! Got it! Not another word!”
Nate: “Right”
“Jupp all alright…” spoke Frank broadly grinning.
“Oh yeah, sorry…” Indicating with his hands he would be quiet, he held
his mouth shut and turned back to his Guinness and crisps – not saying another
Rolling his eyes, Nate started to wonder what the hell he had gone wrong and
came to no conclusion that would change his current Situation.

“Oh screw it!”
“What?” Frank looked confused up. “Screw who?!”
“Screw you Frank! Just shut up! I’m trying to think!”
“I should do what!?” Frank blurted.
“Shut up!”
“Before that!”  He insisted.
“Before…?” Nate looked confused.
“Yes! Before ‘shut up’!”
“Just ?” the Australian suggested irritated.
“Nah! “
“What then? Screw you?”
“So?” Nate clearly didn’t understand what was going on. “I said Screw
you, so?”
“You can’t say that Nate!”
“Well I just did, didn’t I?” He interjected matter of fact.
“Well yes but-“
“So you just don’t say it!”
“Screw you?” Nate asked.
“YES! Ah – no I mean!” Frank looked somewhat irritated.
“Argh! Good god damns it! Screw you means Fuck you ‘round here!”
“… oh!”
“Got it?!”
“… oh well… sort of… not really… what was I supposed to get?”
Shaking his head Frank just muttered some swear words under his breath and
finally turned round to Nate. “Don’t ever say screw you ‘round here in
Ireland or you’ll g et beaten up, killed or rapped! Got that!?”
“Ah – now were talking. Got that! Don’t say hm-hm-hm and I’ll live a
longer life.”
“Blimey yes! You took your time didn’t you?” relieved, that Nate had at
last grasped the discussion, he sighed.
“Well kind of… normally I’m fairly quickly with solving all my
Frank stared in disbelief. “WHAT?!”
“uhm… I finish off quickly?”
Blushing, Frank turned around pushing away his pervert and naughty thoughts.
“Right what?”
“Yes Frank?”
“Just shut up.”
“Nate – just shut up!”
“OH! Alright!”


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rebecca Sanderson.
Published on on 04/06/2007.


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