Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (25)

While Marianne with her rather big group of nearly 50 people who were grateful her all one to have got this chance to one living on Sgrumies island headed, devoted itself Madleine to the former partner of her. Though voice was there, for it he was not to be calmed and, unfortunately, nearly one week went in such a way. And at the end of just this week that ferry put in.

Meanwhile several doctors and also Sgrumie, RF and Madleine dealt round-the-clock, one did not speak a lot with each other, only the most necessary, RF made way Madleine `s to looks which he did not know how to interpret.

Marianne used the awake change with her people, then the attention concentrated upon the controlling space. She asked a small girl to run before the hotel to and fro what would occupy the men a little bit. From the hotel Katherine - the girl with the blue contact lenses was called should run - to the wall of fog and act in the water in such a way, as if she drowned. Marianne had not selected Katherine without reason, the little one was first 7, however, could run as fast as seldom a child.

Mariannes better soul half had here on Sgrumies island oddly enough lighter play with the other side of Marianne and a strange dialogue developed between two beings which belonged, nevertheless, to each other.

Soul part 1 (well): “Is this not stupid to dive with such a suite here on what do you want all here?”

Soul part 2 (badly):” As if you exactly did not know great. Sgrumie has absolutely no notion as one starts this film and there I thought.”

1.: ”Nevertheless, this is a nonsense, it is not about the film for you, it has never gone, you have taken him and then have given up again him without making to you a head about what becomes then from him.”

2. ”The film which should show parts from his life which he will never make, however, really public? Since as you exactly also know, are all so-called human lives of Sgrumie, RF, Madleine and also this his no real lives, it are false lives. Why this immortality which there can never be in the reality?”

1.:”, because it is a nice thought, he bears exactly the same name, but SHE decides what he may experience here or somewhere else, it already has his reason, why just this four team from RF, Madleine, Marianne and Ralph was virtually condemned to the immortality. And, therefore, SHE also renounces irritating surnames, a parody is not just so whole it if it is to be called only imagination: actually, parody is the wrong expression. It slowly becomes a time that we join again, then the clenched bad with the good melts and becomes for Marianne tolerable and for her luck will lead to the fact that this suffering phase has sometimes an end, nevertheless, is irritating enough. So much did not have to copy HER Ralph other, he realises here this what the other is in habit to show in the film and on the stage so splendidly.”

2.: ”Then make to you, however, on one calmly, you good piece: Marianne will still have to be another if she wants to make up first of all for all her mother's duties. And is it not quite dangerous to make clear to him that his grief is just only played, but so well that it pulls everybody here in his spell?”

1.: ”About that does not worry to you please, Sgrumie is not necessarily that what he has used, but she will already be able to make clear Madleine that Marianne thinks to return.”

2.: ”Has Sgrumie loved him then and why should she say Madleine what?”

1.: ”She has admired him more and this is enough for a respect hardly and she will say it Madleine because Madleine - thus hard is also to be endured - to him nearly one new partner is if Marianne is there again, Madleine will be able to enjoy her life with RF again if she this is able then still.”

The more negative part of the soul was persuaded, therefore, also because only in a somewhat well-balanced human body living on was conceivable. And if these were just not really humanely, but only imaginary characters what it put out there.

Ralph who completely rose in his feeling to be just that famous actor whom it was not just at all - then 2023 is there can never also be neither the real year on the earth nor somewhere else and a such physical change (back in the past.) - spoke with Madleine when he awoke from a strange dream:

“Mariannes soul has struck me whether you can believe it now or not, thinks quietly, I am spanned.” Before Madleine could answer, Sgrumie stepped to her and nodded. “Mariannes soul has also spoken with me, Marianne can return only if you can let go him. And if now already 2 people Mariannes can perceive soul, this will certainly be right, or? I mean, the thing with living on after the death?”

Madleine could only nod and murmured: “What tells to let go, I have done only this what every fairly good friend would have done.” RF pulled them aside. “You know exactly that just this is right. The immortality which is not conceivable in the real life where, you probably mean is conceivable they? In an imagination history in which we are everybody only extras and you have apparently forgotten that we must be a part of an almost endless history, because while we can never just die in the worldwide net - if we have luck - just the creator of the history which is not so anew dies. One can say: if it has to do everything already given and hard, really what new. Therefore, I can also not fancy the conversion of the story.”

Madleine gave a laugh. “I have written this story together with Sgrumie and Marianne and we form them already quite a while after, since the moment where I noted that all those beings cannot die any more, since I have hypnotised them once. We can make so further, finally, move as before or him to hear with his grief on, he has tried out now long enough how it is to be the unhappy. Marianne will also be able to return because I have never given up you. And then that film which happens absolutely also furthermore in HER head he just exists without camera, but with a screenplay what we can change at own discretion with her any time and had to go.”

She had hardly spoken to an end when the door opened and came up Marianne to them, in old beauty and calmness, with a beaming smile in the face. Of course it was embraced only Madleine and was roofed Sgrumie with one smiling, RF made way to her look, because Marianne compared of the more often him to his image Ralph. “Out from the bed, my dear, it cannot see any more with in how you vegetate before yourself and think, this would have to go on forever in such a way, we are not here in the “English patient”.” Ralph gave her only one very strange look and asked: ”How do you come now on him? If I do not have.” “No, you just have not and you can finish your sentence later still. You cannot decide to be that man who played this patient and this fun forever so further with us float.” “I do not understand.”

“Then understand at least HER reasons, why she wrote generally this story once and why she continued only much later with her: you will remember 1990? If in your memory all those data are stored away, will you be able to start with 1990 and 1991 something? She has searched exactly like you during those years increasingly her personal luck and in 1992 her son was born, (this is real of my knowledge) 30 years after your birth which one could read up if it was yours and if you yourself were this man. The real actor does not appear simply somewhere and stands on surprises, he grows old and exactly this she has interested, because only the older man combined for them in himself all charming, or amusing.

She tried to understand many data which one could call sad destiny. But there is not destiny for them, she calls it chance, thus by chance as she began August, 2009 to continue the ancient history around Gijom and Maika (thus the origin and attempt to manage another longing), August just, as some photos them to moved, old and younger date. We should begin to form our film in such a way as she would see it with pleasure, with Vinc, besides, also he only one copy one of her darlings, but also he will have the idea of the more often, he is the real person.” “You mean him?” “Yes, I mean the man who played the commissioner in a series, looks a little broader now than earlier, however, also he absolutely amusing. For them, in any case.”

About name it was not talked further, Marianne had immediately brought him, he bowed a little bit theatrically to Ralph, that had decided meanwhile to give up his image of the forever sufferer and he discussed with Vinc and other both men (Ralf and Ralph van den Bergen who still believed himself too splendidly, while the other RF scrutinised which nodded to him cheering up.), because Vinc would give his negative partner in “behind the mirrors”, the real history around some strange incidents which dealt now nothing at all with the real R.F...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 02/16/2010.


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