Nadège Ango-Obiang

The Horn of the Elf

I woke with the tide. No doubt the influence of the aquatic environment on my deranged brain. Again, on my skin, I have the sensation of the shadow of the humidity the pincer as millions of small electric waves. The breath short, I myself raised with beneath the feet feel that invisible hands took my ankles in cotton.
I remember. This last wave which slid me more, drove me almost under the nose of this woman I knew so well, for so long. Eye shrunk by hardness, the features of his face made me shiver. I pushing the door. The mists of the dream didn't let go me. In the narrow corridor, the walls of my apartment seemed unknown. The noise of the thrill of my window caught my attention. A groping, I wanted to see if my world had changed. Behind the curtains, is a wind of hail, nervous, hurried some present trees around my university residence. A sigh was heard. And in my heart, the reality of my torment returned. Barricaded between these 18 m2, I tried to destroy what I was. My brain do me was not the towers.
She was so beautiful that I wanted to join them. Then, I borrowed the boat with yet prohibited intentions. My mother had prohibited me it. Voodoo Priestess, she had me swear to not borrow it because of the love. It was tempting. Lille, the port of Dunkirk. How to resist the possibility, tenailler by complex sounds of the movements of the sea, browse for it? It, this girl that I had seen only once. Dark blonde, light eyes, presence Excel, even after it is party. It will teach me to smoke. A not be faithful that this tobacco. Force, my species are impregnated, and my being is abandoned into the hands of the breeze this girl took with it. Obsessed and curious, but much more curious that haunt, I wanted to know, know the secret of his soul. Cold, nervous of this winters wind suddenly mua me a horn from which came the possibility of navigating between the waves of worlds, seek what prevented me to forget this unknown I bought a router. Me Philippe, fun me and rîtes which were hung my brothers and sisters. I raccrochais me to the fact that I was a true Ch'ti. Yet, I sailed in the deeper underground sea chants any kind of prayer that I had pinned in the topic of the facts and the more foolish acts.
Lying on my bed, in new and white clothing clean, I waited anxiously while the stubborn router continued its identical rounds. I remember that with a strong hand on my throat. It was brief. Entering as the effect of the wrath of Thunder when he surprised us. Into the abyss of the waves, I have not recognized the blue of the sea, the legendary tranquillity. Greenish is allayed very quickly because in my head, laughs invaded me.
-Sings love, calls the abandonment; sings the illusion is claiming the unknown perfect; Please your angels, we give you ours.
This woman, serious and excited voice, sang without respite. And me, I knew more where I was and what I was. I had no feeling in my body. And, very suddenly, a woman appeared. I would say, a woman's head appeared. Apart from the thick black, long and messy mane around it, it was the face of my mother. It wasn't my mother, rather a subterfuge that confusing disorder of ordinary beings.
-Child, said the woman, a rest of smile on the lips, a semblance of affection on the face. You are looking for someone? Do you want to know his soul?
-I want to know myself. I said with an impatience that I barely controlled.
But I only heard me articulate, I didn't feel not inhabited a body. The eyes of the woman heightened me intensely. A ripping sound made me afraid. I wanted to flee but I knew how.
-It is me who have your router, susurra women in flying in a cloud of dark wave which exploded all around me. It's me who called you, you the last of the Elves.
I secouais the head as to deny be an Elf. But I knew as soon as she could not lie. My older sister does blamed not our parents by stating that hide us what we were we put in danger? That these rîtes basic taught were only games which were not helping us?
-They are not dead reassures you. Continued the sparse cloud of waves. You're the only one who has never made the journey. You you are installed in the boat for love, and I finally have your horn.
She again broke out laughing.
-Do you was never said, that what we seem to perceive, hear, or take is a part of us same? The Horn protested and you actually came to me still.
I made not of what I thought to be my head.
-You wanted to see, but you'll point see. I made that call you, sublime blonde daughter, beautiful appearance. You did so like me.
-Why? eyebrows t - it.
But I had not spoken. I am sure that I even not thought. But where was I? I started to shake me. I frappais arm and feet, and all that I saw it was clouds of waves. I had become a sum of water molecules. I started to scream wishing to wake up. In my supposed head, I here this girl in the eyes of light, this envelope who lived me. They have not taught me that human beings of the sea that may slip among men, so close to you and you reach as an infinitely desirable woman.
-I am here! she said surprisingly young voice.
Before the water molecules which were agency eyes appeared the girl blonde, so attractive that I felt good that my body somewhere reacted. The terrifying sound exaggerated. I was a terrible pain before. It was the fire that devoured me. Under the sea, in the deepest of the thousands of bodies of water, a huge blaze was born. The water was the sky and this woman and I were in a flaming camera.
-Sings love, roars the woman.
-I can not. I would leave not.
-Sings love! These words that you have rehearsed to come so far. Sings love that by thy Horn I floods my songs all oceans!
His voice is radoucie and with it the flames.
-I the give te this girl. You vieillirais with it.
-It is your soul!
-I have other girls. What unknown do you want?
-Let me go!
-Your sisters arrive!
-You can't go back without your boat. Your mother told you that it is powerless in the face love because love of flows is under my command. Yours are afraid of me. You have betrayed them. I dominerais you always be in safe. If a sound you is painful, breath released by your death will me be even more beneficial.
A face of fire is imposed in all its proportions against mine.
-Do you want to I parties against your sister, and others after it?
-I'm here.
-I wanted to know his soul.
-I'm here. And would always be with you. Sea wants to come, that you want to you, child without ears?
I felt lost. The cloud of water closed. Fire and water appeared to be in harmony. My cries grew as its flames become purple. Earth missed me, sleep missed me. Was it not better die? A big smile was born on the face of this sham of mother while in my head began to scroll through the songs of love that I knew. The flames entered my bowels. And this mother settled in my bowels drone, grumpy, then screaming his satisfaction.
Hail on my window, hit more and more strong. Through the glass I noticed my reflection, my grey eyes had a tone that I wanted to close to the sky and not the depths of the sea. In a very fleeting instant, the head of mother appeared. I remembered that it was in me. At the foot of my bed was hanging shellfish and any kind of debris from shellfish that I had to keep. Every day, over dreams in my nights, they impose is their will, their intentions. Opposed to mine, slave of the commanders of the depths of the sea Inferno, I was condemned to endure this existence.
I had tried to destroy me and I managed.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Nadège Ango-Obiang.
Published on on 05/09/2011.


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