Harry Johnson

The cameras are blind to me

The cameras are what Demar thought would be there for him. Until he found out that Alicia Waters was the supervisor who would kill him. The recording’s she kept on his life, were so suppressive that even his job as an actor in movies, would not hide the reality, that she seen - exactly what happened and tried to hide the facts.
Then he instigates and promotes the situation as if it doesn’t matter.
More things were being seen than what Allen prefers. Even though he did not commit the actual crimes. His life is at a resolution, but can he realize, that what he need’s to do is, stop trying to be the bad guy; and actually start thinking about - what it is that he’s going too end up having to do?
Demar starts receiving tapes in the mail and, when he see’s the tapes, he realizes that he and some of his people are in deep trouble.
 He tries too depicting fiction for reality. However, reality is so much more ecstatic. He finds the dead body in the dumpster and he starts to realize - that he has been replicated.
Now what will he do – when he can’t be his self any more. Then he finds out that the cameras may really be blind too him!
What have I done to get into this felt Demar? – As he layed provoked in his vehicle – awaiting his supposed deaf. He was so shocked at the person that he saw walking away from his vehicle! He was in a black suit just coming from an audition to be in a movie called: Seduce the logic’s.
He was a black man, 6” foot tall, he kept his haircut and faded.
He felt his car racing at high speeds – as his assailant followed closely behind. Demar picks up his cell phone and calls his girl. “I’m in trouble baby get the packages and the double welfare - meet me downtown at the Grandiose Hotel.” Said Demar.
Shelly his girl stated. “What’s the problem, why you seam so out of it?” Demar stated.” “Don’t worry about that just get what I asked you to bring and quit asking so many fucking questions. Shelly said.” Ok.
Demars mind was racing; it was etiquette for him to realize that what he was seeing in his rear view - had stopped. He was in a debt that he could not get out of, and the debt didn’t involve money. He drove and drove and then when he made it to the hotel on 24’Th Street – he was being watched and he was not aware of the affair. He noticed that it was idiotic to where a suit to an audition, so said some of the people their. He was not ready for the dubious game that was at hand. He looked into the walls for subjections, but the situation was frail.
He goes to his room since he had already reserved a room and lays on his bed.  A few hours later, he awakens - so stipulated that he could’ve had this parlance with time.
He was checking threw his cell phone wondering where Shelly was.
Shelly was being followed by Demars x girl – they have been having a vendetta toward each other.
Shelly pulls her car off the rode into a Shell gas station – the girl behind her suddenly pulls behind her.
“ Bitch I know you just didn’t think I was gonna let you lay on my dick that I was with - for ten years of my life and that I had two kid’s with. “ Said Chantae. “How many times, I gotta tell you that I had nothing to do with who stole from your house, every since then you been after me?” Said Shelly. Look bitch all I want is my clothes out of my house that you moved in, because I will kill you. Said Chantae.
“Damn now that I think about it - we threw all of yo shit out – so you must be mistaken.” Said Shelly. Naw that ain’t what it is, Demar told me that he was going to break up with you and move me back in with my kids! Who the hell do you think been pushing them promotions for him Shelly – with out me and my funds - bitch – that nigga is canceled.” Said Chantae.
The situation at the gas station was becoming perpendicular, Shelly new that she was messing with the wrong one. She felt why the fuck would I get with a man with kids and a long ass pass relationship just to hurt myself?
She saw visions of her and Chantae kissing each other! She was so deranged and she wanted something that she was not going to get.
Chantae launched out and grabbed Shelly. The two females were tussling back and forth for a while. Then someone who was just an innocent by stander broke the fight up.
The cashier who worked at the gas station called the cops.
 The cops made it to the local Gas Station and took Chantae to jail, for a domestic dispute.
Shelly continued her journey to the hotel some how?
In dispute of the reality that dilated her ingenious belief, was now hypnotic. She was trying really to get over what Chantae was trying to tell her. Now she played the game but she didn’t like the way the game was played. She saw several calls from Demar and she was on a look-over agenda.
She was light skinned she had long hair – and might I add -nice asset’s. She was a high school graduate and had a degree. Therefore, she was not trying to jeopardize her career.
When Demar soon found out that Shelly had played him, he never suspected that she could come up with a good reason – to be arrogant - but she was into a dolce belief –
But hold on wait a minute
Let us rewind the story
And let us start the story again.
Demar was in his black Buick Lacrosse, driving down the street he had just left an audition to be in a movie called Seduce the logics. Demar was a single man who was not facing any fatalities. He was going to his condominium in Columbus Ohio. Where he usually slept. He was dedicated to the realms of fertility. He just all of a sudden couldn’t take it.
He made it to his house condominium and checked the mail. He had about five envelopes in his hand and also he had a UPS priority mail envelope – he makes it to his room and look’s threw his mail, that’s when he see’s pictures of him choking a girl; then he see’s pictures of him dragging the girl, then he see pictures of him breaking into a car.
He feels casted into bewilderment as he sits on his bed looking threw the portfolio. His concession was manipulated. He wondered who has sent him pictures of things that he never did. He then finds a video showing him that, this person actually look’s like him, he’s devastated and he realizes something is not right. He watches more of the video, which displays what the pictures showed in fuller segments.
He then finds a letter inside the UPS envelope that was requesting him to come to a specific address. He was articulated by the profane annunciation of his next conclusion. That’s when he read’s on and he finds a phone number and a message that said call me at this number, which was signed by a person, named Misty.
He didn’t know who this Misty – was. He decided to call the number. The phone ranged several times then a female answered. She said. “Demar I know what you’ve been doing and I’m in a position that could save you.” Demar said. “I don’t need any one to save me I’m innocent.” Misty stated.  “ Yea innocent like all them time’s you had your friend Shelly make those illegal moves, or maybe you mean innocent like the way you killed and choked that one bitch – or it could be innocent like you are being framed – but no one is going to believe that, tell me how the hell could they believe a criminal?” “I’m not a criminal, I’m an actor and that’s all I’m trying to do is commit to my career - I don’t know what you saw, but these pictures are from one of my movies.” Said Demar.
“Ha ha ha ha.” Laughed Misty – good joke I know what the real deal is and why you killed them people – I saw you with my own fucking eyes.”  Said Misty. “Ok look Misty, I don’t have time for no games” – “this isn’t’ a game” – “like I said I don’t know what these pictures mean. “ Said Demar
“So are you willing to meet me -so we can discuss a way out of this, I’m becoming very belligerent over here I could do anything to you – for instance look at this” Said Misty. That’s when Demar saw the lights flicker and the TV turn off. Misty said. “Did you see that - what I did to your lights and TV?” “What do you have some kind of special software or something.” Said Demar. “No actually.” Said Misty. “I’m at the exact hotel your at in the control room we have special illegal cameras watching you - do you like understand my drift.”
“I’m not to sure what you mean.” “Ok meet me at the address in the package I sent you, it’s a building not a suite. You need to be there at 8: o clock tonight. It’s now five o’clock, and I will explain everything to you then.”  Said Misty.
“Ok I’m gone do this, I don’t trust you but I think that you may have valuable information that can help me, and don’t mean by crimes that I’ve created – I really need a mentor in my life.” Said Demar. “A MENTOR, I’m far from a mentor I’m a psychological problem, and the only cure is deaf, now isn’t that fucked up Demar?”

“Ok I’ll see you at eight.” Said Demar
Meanwhile Demar went to a function at a ballroom where they had
Nice drinks, food, music, and a seminar. Demar had a lot on his brains but he ran into multiple friends that was at the same function. They were awarding people for being accepted after auditions.
Demar new that he was getting an award because he received a letter in the mail explaining this to him. He sat at one of the hundred’s of round circle tables – with cloth on the top of them.
 A man spoke from the stage acknowledging what this event was for and was configuring what the awards were going to be. This was an independent event being thrown by casting specialist in Columbus Ohio.
 He witnessed plenty of people just like him leaving there circle table and walking up to the stage. He was agitated by a female that he didn’t know that kept looking at him.
He decided to go over to her table to talk to her. When he made it to her table, he stated. “Is it something the matter with you, why do you keep looking at me a lot?” He stated in his so - called sexy voice?
The female feeling good about his approach states. “Well when I see new face’s that I have never seen I become viral.
 That make’s me feel something that touches me all over.”
“Well you know that I’m a businessman.” As he hands her one of his business cards. “And might I add a single business man – I like exploring new things.” - As they could see the other six people sitting at her table with her, he stood on side of her.
“By the way, I didn’t catch your name.”  – “that’s because I didn’t give it to you.”  There was a breath of silence as she reached in her purse and pulled out a business card that said Frost Studios and displayed her name as Executive Supervising producer Alicia Waters.
She said. “Demar Jennegan, I have heard a lot about you and I have a position for you in a new movie called, The Cameras Are Blind To Me – call me so we can discuss this.”  “Ok.” Said Demar. As he could here the fake intermission finishing and him walking away.
He watched more of the show then he left, when the show was over.
 It was now 7:30PM and he was on his way to see Misty. When he made it to the door exit, he saw revolving door's that wouldn't move. On the far left side of the doors was a finger print scanner that said visitors scan fingers to enter. He scanned his fingers and then the door opened automatically.
 He was wondering how could Misty or any one have his fingerprints, he felt maybe it was authenticated to be opened by any ones fingerprint’s.
He walked threw the first hall, which he could see, a security desk. He then noticed where the elevators were – he was not sure where he was going but he was going; He hops on the elevator not knowing where he was going. He heard the elevator say. “Welcome - the time is 7:50 PM.”  He then hit floor number 22 as he was going up, the elevator stopped on floor ten. He heard the elevator say. “Floor ten.” – When the door’s opened he could see nothing but gold elevators 15 on the across side and 15 on the side he was on. When he peeked out of the elevator he was, feeling too scared to step out of the elevator, because he would be in a hall with dim lights and only elevators. So he did the best thing he could think of which was go back to the first floor.
He still didn’t see security, so he called Misty back and she gave him the right floor, which appeared, as a normal floor; unlike the other floor he was just on.
He went into her office doors and she was coming for him before he could think of anything. She told him to come with her.
She took him to a room and when they made it to the room, she said.
“What I’m about to show you is a secret.” She opened the door and there was body’s in special see threw tanks. The body’s was covered in zip body bags, she unzipped one of the body’s that were in the bag and the human in the bag spoke as if of a soul struck-in human – he stated.  “I’m here to serve you and be your master – I can appear to humans as normal and complete any task’s that are needed.
Demar stated. “What is this?”
“It’s a new protocol this protocol Can be hooked up to a computer and visualize everything that this human see’s, when the human is unaware. These protocols was made from human ceman and D.N.A of exact humans who live somewhere out there in the world.”
“I don’t understand what this protocol mess has to do with me, I came here for answers and I still haven’t gotten any answers.”
Misty zipped the body back up there was at least 10 tanks in this room all with doors on their apparatus.
“Well any way some one has stolen one of the body’s and their trying to use it against the scientific study, however, the body that was taken comes back to your D.N.A.
You are a perfect match.
You are the reason why.
You have to change what is going on, in order to do that you have to obey my rules.”
“I’ve heard enough of this, I don’t believe any of this shit for one minute – you could easily be telling me these governmental lies to fuck with me, it's obvious, I’m going to the authorities and tell them about this.” Said Demar. “ Before you can even try - these body’s will be gone and you will be played as a fool, that’s not the way that you wanna play this game – trust me I’ve had a lot of experience in theses fields; the outcomes are always bad.
Who ever it is is probably watching you right now and that’s the first problem we don’t need though, however I have a special room that we’re about to go to right now that blocks the signals of all cameras. However, human genetics are different from electronic genetics and the people who stole the body don’t even have physical evidence of the software or computers that runs this shit.” “So this is meaning.” Said Demar. “ So this is meaning That everything they see, if possible is blind to you and me, that and the fact that the footage I sent to you, was you to some instance and done by the perpetrator.”
“How do I know that you’re not involved in this?”
“I’m involved just not in the way you think I’m involved, I think that you should seek out to find your self – or should I say your replica. You have to find the replica and bring it back to me – if you don’t kill it first – even if you do kill the replica we need to have it back in order to close the scientific study. – Oh one more thing the replica has a tracking device built into its back.”  “ Oh so that’s what you been holding out on.” Said Demar. – “Yes I guess I have – now lets go to that room I was telling you about, that’s where the tracking device is.”  “Tell me something why didn’t you just go track down the replica yourself.” “Well since you were the human being replicated, I figured you would want to now that you’re out committing crimes.” Said Misty hysterically.
“I don’t think that I can handle this position.”
“I think you can and will.”
“I have too much going on at work.”
“Just still go to work we’ll find the time to track down the replica.
That’s even though it’s mental is synchronous to yours. So therefore, it knows what you know and it may go where you go. Now this tracking device states that the replica is in Grove City that is not to far from Columbus. But it’s on the east side – this tracking device gives nearest points by telephone boxes, which concludes about a diameter radius on about 10 miles – so this thing could be anywhere. However I have a portable device that tells exact compass coordination – so when you do get to the exact telephone box, you’ll have somewhere to go from there.”  
“So does the device have any alerts that tell when you’re getting close to the replica?” “Yes it dose and it tells how close and how far away – but it’s not one hundred percent exact. So know you have to take the device and study it, I will have three men to help you out - here are their names and numbers.”
 Demar was into an insidious proclamation that could legistrate the future. How was he going to go to work with this much stress on  “his brain’s” and now that he can choose to be what was in the forceful constellation was fiduciary.
Him and Misty finishes up there tour of several more rooms that were there to help multiple scientific study’s. He could only grasp what the air let him grasp. He was intrigued to find out that next mourning that he had no problem sleeping.
Then he started imagining that he was the replica and was coming for his human self to kill him. He saw his self-waking up next to the replica and the replica stated. “ Hi.” He was so devastated that he removed his self from the bed – the replica stated. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”  Then the human said. “I don’t want any part of you - how did you get into my room?”  The replica then stated. “You cannot destroy me I can only destroy you.”  The human then said.  “I know why you can’t go further; I have no real emotions or feelings to harm my self.”  The replica stated. “That doesn’t matter - now come on over here so I can be you and you can be in a blank state, but I swear I’ll wake you back up as soon as possible.”  
“Yea right.” Said the human. Then the replica launched off the bed, grabbed the human by his neck, and ended him.
Now all the replica wanted to do was live a normal life.
Then he woke from his hallucination.
In reality the replica got to smart for its on good, he new he was a replica so he was trying to hide his self. Misty told the lie to Demar That someone had stole the Replica. That was not the truth.
Demar was just waking up when he decided to pick up the phone and call Alicia. She told him to come in to visit her at a downtown Columbus suite. He made it there and they talked.
Alicia Stated. “Demar the position I have for you is not an acting position. I know that you’re looking for that kind’ve career, but with the focus I see in you is different than what you may see.”
“That sounds all right but right now I have a lot of stress, I don’t know if I can take on this kind of job.”  “So there for you don’t realize that I’m offering you a director position for this movie.” Said Alicia. “What kind of director position.” “The kind of director position where you tell people how and what to do based on a circumference I choose. Then you will keep up with all the logs of data and other pertinent information. I have a job portfolio that explains everything that this job is about and what your position is. I just need your social security number, well at least a documented file stating that it’s legal for me to view your background – this is a business you know.”
Demar agreed to that and told her the number. Then she stated.
 “Take your time and read this, but get back to me by next week with your decision.”  Alicia took Demar around to meet some of the faculty personnel and showed Demar to where the restroom and eating areas and other offices were. She told Demar that He was going to be the next best thing – by working on the new movie called: The cameras are blind to me.
He new what he wanted and that filament was negative, but he would soon remember everything that he was facing him. In addition, the ways of the world was not on his side.  
The replica of Demar was out on the streets walking, he was looking for a vehicle. He didn’t know what he would do with out one. He was walking up and down the streets of the city as if he was normal but he was not normal. He looked into things that were against the lords will, and then he did it? He went into a store and robbed the store. This was a convenient store where he asked the store clerk to give up the money.
The store clerk was panicking he could not resonate the tedious breath of the devil that was before him. They were annihilated to the replica that the store man thought was the real Demar but he was not in reality committing this crime. He was just not his self.
The replica get’s the money and leaves but not before killing the store clerk – he couldn’t take the chance of the store clerks infidelity. However, he was casted into the reality realms of the after life.
Then Demar was going to his next illegal operation which was not correct - he was just into his new passive actions, and his aggressive actions he could commence what he was going to hate, now that he indulged the fatal episode, he could commeasure the reality that he didn’t want to know.
They reputed the real Gnostic fact’s in the vile of habit the car’s irritated him, though he was not supplicated to the memoir.
He looked and looked then he stole a car and he was in the car riding. He was on a mission to find his human as the replica.
He looked and looked and then he kept looking. He went to his thoughts but they were vague. He summoned the belief that he could’ve taken another route out of the crimes he committed and went to the bank – but he didn’t have his verification or any other identification.
Variances were caught up by the multiple valences’ that were coming to block what he always imagined. As he drove he consaplated that he was going to make a stake with his self or should I say his human him being the replica. Now that the jettisoned perversion was duplicate he would soon find where the human was and without the fancy technical equipment that the human had to find the replica.
If the replica only new that his human was going to be the last thing that he needed. Therefore, he finally made it to his human’s condominium.
Good thing he new the people there cause,he had to find away to get into his condominium.
Now that he mastered this challenge, he stayed within the room until his other came. He waited and waited until he seen him. When it was that he heard the door opening, he went to the bathroom then he bounced out on him. The replica stated.  “I’m here to get some of my personal belongings, for instances my wallet, my car. I’m tired of stilling cars when I should be using my own cars. How do you think I can make it in this world with this set up?”
The human stated. “I don’t have anything of yours, I’ve been looking for you because someone stole you from some one that I knew and I have to take you back.” The replica stated.  “I’m not going back anywhere, I left there because the people there are not aware of the spiritual laws that they broke, and I became to smart - I knew exactly everything they knew and with-in a second of me being on planet earth. It’s a curse.” Stated the replica. As he sat on a couch in the condominium – and the human sat in a chair.
So - now what should we do?” “We should work together and expand, that’s what I think about the situation.” Said the replica.
“I don’t think we should travel together if you know what I mean. You can stay here with me until I figure out what were going to do. I don’t think it’s safe to stay in this world with your magical thinking.”
In the reality morals they were not the same but they resigned into a compunction and they were going to start doing things a different way.
“Do you think that Misty would know that you was the replica if you went there as me?” Said Demar. I think - she might not, she is pretty smart - but I and you are smart also.” Said the replica. “So when can I see her?” Said the replica. “ I don’t know when you can see her, really they want to capture you but the more and more I talk to you the more and more I always wanted you in my life and that’s why you have to go to my new job for me. “ Said Demar. The replica stated. “Why do I have to do all the work, I am the illegal immigrant you know?”
Meanwhile at Frost Studios in Alicia’s office, Alicia was having a talk with a producer named Ken.
 “ Look I’m tired of you keep allowing these other producers to be over Me and making the high decision’s, why do you think I can’t be the head to handle this production? ” Said Ken
“Well Ken you know somebody has really been messing up your head - you need to think about your career and higher expectations’ because this attitude you coming to me with is not acceptable.”  “Neither is having sex with your employees but you had sex with me. Said Ken.
“ Look ken - I don’t know what kind of black mail this is but I’m not standing for it, you’re only producing music And clothes your not the main thing in this budget.” Said Alicia. “I would be if you move up my position to be the head of all producers like we talked about. Said Ken.”  “ I’m just waiting for the right moment to bring in Demar to take over shit.” Said Alicia. “Demar! “ Stated Ken - who is Demar?”  “ It’s this new black man that I’m hiring to be the director of this movie, you will like him he’s a cool guy.”  “But what about my position.” Said Ken.  “What are you willing to do for this position?” Said Alicia. “Anything!” Reputed Ken.
“I think that we can have ourselves a deal.” Said Alicia.
Mean while in another area of Frost Studios there were audition’s going on by the casting specialists. They were having multiple people come in to read lines and act a little to see if they fit the position, after these rehearsals was going on for a few minutes. Alicia appears out of nowhere looking eerie and watching. She was thinking of a way to get rid of Ken for show and she was not going to care about what his feelings was. She could see the pretty girl reading the lines; she wanted this girl so bad that she told one of the specialists to keep her; I will find something for her to do.
Then Alicia goes to the old file room in the basement to find old files that could prove that Ken was making backwards transaction and that he was making these transactions stick to bring here business to a close. She new that he was a problem, it wasn’t that she thought he couldn’t handle the job of being Chief Production Officer but it was the fact that she hired a con - artists and  a manipulator and a woman antagonizer.
She should know, because she used him several times to lie to the IRS and make it work – he even shot the stocks up illegally and what do I have to show for this manifestation; is a bunch of files that were set up to seam as if appearing legit to many people.
Hell I’m still in business.
Deep down inside I was on my self, that’s when I heard Ken call me from the basement door. I hurried up, put the files into my brief case, and went along with Ken.
We went to lunch at a fantastic restaurant. Where he begged and pleaded for the job, that’s how he was - on top of all the nasty things that I’d said about him – he was also sweet. In addition, he could drive my hormones anywhere. We ate and made it back to the studios.
The lighting crew was setting up the first murder scean that was shot at Frost Studios and at another location, which was a house in the suburbs.
 When Adam the star of the movie comes home and finds his wife murdered, he has a sense that detects murder even if there were no cameras he knows, but that didn’t save his wife’s deaf.
 Therefore, he’s done for. I made my way to Mr. Cunning Ham’s office: which was our Chief Financial Officer. We sat down and had a talk.
“I’ve been looking threw the monetary files and were missing one hundred thousands in assets.”  Said Mr. Cunning Ham – “Are you sure, that can’t be to true their must be a mistake." Said Alicia. – “No Alicia this is real, I do have a PHD in mathematics – so therefore I think I can count.” Addressed Cunning Ham. “What accounts are they missing from business accounts, payroll accounts, or personal accounts?” Questioned Alicia. “No the money was missing from petty cash accounts.” Said Mr. Cunning Ham.  “I can’t believe this.” Said Alicia. As she sat in the chair with her hand on her head.
I couldn’t think of the reality any more, I needed to face facts!
  “We need to get all the employees together as soon as possible and have a meeting about this, I don’t want the IRS or any banks or any other financial people being involved, that are not automatically involved, do you understand me? Said Alicia. “Yes I do.”  Said Mr. Cunning Ham.
“I’m going to tell ever body about the meeting that were going to be having tomorrow - which is a Tuesday at eight o’clock.” Said Alicia.
Alicia walked around telling every body what the ordeal was and most of the people agreed to come - hell in reality they had no choice. Now when Alicia got off work she was feeling bad about what she was going to have to do to Ken.
Not only that but I think that Kevin has been stilling my money, he quit just two weeks ago and all of a sudden my shits gone, I can’ t believe this. I was trying to be polite and he just went off.
Meanwhile at Demars condo he was talking to Demar 2  - that’s what he started calling his replica, so from now on their names will be Demar one and Demar two. “So how did it feel when you first felt you was human? Said Demar one. “It was a rush. I never knew what I was going to do when it first happened but I knew that it was something that I was supposed to do. So I came to the reality that I had to make a decision and be someone and that’s when I became a real person, I’m still having problems with some world aspects like when I stole - that’s not even what type of person you are so why did I act in these ways As  your replica.”  Said Demar two.
“ I guess that you just wasn’t self sufficient, so you had to find other means of survival and then when you came to me you just wanted to talk not do anything illegal - it’s now twelve o’clock A.M. and we should be sleep getting ready for work. And I have to check my phone messages.” Said Demar one. Demar one was happy to know that he had a role as being the boyfriend to the star girl: in Seduced the logics. He was going there tomorrow to start the role they was just doing sizing and practicing scenes and roles and going around to visit all the places the movie was going to be set at.
Then the day would end and they would do a week of practice runs at each scene, then they would start really making the movie.
Then when it came to it - they probably would have never new and or believed that this was a genetic replica playing these roles.
Demar one was on a run from his self. He was wondering, how I could just let the replica be I and act as if it’s me  - that’s not normal or natural? So he talked with Demar 2 more and then he went to sleep.
Now that it was easy for Demar 2 to seep into Demar 1’s life, it was easy to realize. Then when Demar 1 woke up he realized that Demar 2 was gone and he didn’t leave a note or anything stating where he was, he was in the profitable gustier.
So I ended up going to my movie shoot or what ever they were calling it today. Every one was so cheerful and happy on the first set where we practiced some lines. The first set was supposed to be on a beach, a nude beach to be exact. I didn’t know that I was going to have to get naked.
They helped me overcome my fear and that kindred just like did it. If only the cameras would’ve new how deep my life was and what was hidden. The real amplitude was in how I caught myself when I sometimes messed up lines – they wanted me to remember to soon – then they found out that I would be using captioning screens so that I can know my lines. I didn’t mind it. I thought that it was a part of show business.
Any way we moved on to a new set  which just happened to be 20 miles away in a congruent deserted place and I wasn’t even in the scene. Matter fact I wasn’t in any of the scenes at this place, but I watched the other actors act and they tried to make me a part of the show, even if I was not part of the show.
We were at it all day for eight hours. Then it was time to go home. I went around looking for Demar two and when I finally found him, he was telling me that he went to Frost Studios and handled everything.  I told him that I wanted him to go somewhere else but not to where he went – he tried to tell me he was sorry but deep down inside, I know that he did it on purpose.
Then me and him rode together in my car I was only paranoid a little, but I had to face the fact’s that it was normal to make twin’s, so this was just my twin but if the wrong person found out about my twin, this could hurt many people.
Now as we rode down the street we talked, I tried to tell Demar 2 that. “He should be locked up somewhere for his own safety.” The he asked me.  “Could he please stay with me a little while longer? I agreed.
“Since I have two jobs that I have to do now you can do the one you went to today and I’ll do the other job.” Said Demar one.
This is great this is what I always wanted and now I’m going to have it with you.           
Meanwhile at Frost Studios Alicia was thinking about how the mourning meeting went and about her meeting with Demar 2. She knew someone was lying at this company and it wasn’t her and she was going to get down to the bottom of this one way or another.
Meanwhile at Misty’s spot, she was stumbling upon the fact that the replica was seaming to appear to be to close to the transmitter and she was getting very suspicious. She was wondering should she take things into her own hands since she could not handle the trust she used to have for Demar 1.
She thought and thought. Then she called Demar 1.
 That’s when Demar 2 answered. He said.  “Hello.” She asked Demar 2. “What are you doing with the replica?”  “I don’t know what you mean.” Said Demar 2. “I haven’t seen the replica.” She said. “The device in its back is appearing real real real close to the tracking device, so he has to be near you.” Spoke Alicia. “Well if I see him I’ll call you and tell you – and I’ll be to see you the day after tomorrow.” Said Demar 2. They hung up.
When Demar 1 got out of the shower. Demar 2 got in the shower after he told Demar one about his little talk with Misty.
He told Demar 1. “That he was going to have a talk with Misty the day after tomorrow.” Demar 1. Then said. “Ok.”  Then he told Demar 2. “Not to answer the phone any more. He told him that he was telling him this to keep him out of harms way.”
They then departed from each other; when Demar one went to the bar to have drinks - which was three or four blocks from the condo. He walked to the bar.
He was trying to get away from things, living a solitary life was crazy for him.
He was not trying to think about what he had at his house!
What was it - the government would for-show be mad if they found out what was scientifically backwards – though he was not in liability to tell any one. He was formulating a plot to play Demar 2 or he would have to live with this nightmare forever – it had to end somewhere.
On his walk back home from the bar, he heard moans coming from the dumpster. He looked in the dumpster and that’s when he seen another replica of himself in the dumpster. He started running and running - that’s when he found the dead replica of himself waiting to be crushed by the Dumpster truck and token away to the trash plant.
He ran all the way to the condominium and he asked Demar 2. “What is going on, I thought that I just saw me or you in a dumpster, I don’t know what it was but it was a deadly thing?” Said Demar 1. 
“Just calm down.”  Said Demar 2. “There has to be a logical explanation to this.” Said Demar two.
 “Logical like what?”  Said Demar 1.  “Maybe me and you should go back and check out the location.”  Said Demar 2. “Why should I do that? Said Demar 1. “We have to see if what you were seeing was real - don’t we?  Said Demar 2 –
“Yea I guess so.” Said Demar 1.
“So let’s go.” Said Demar 2. 
They walked very slowly out of the building, people didn’t even question why they all of suddenly seen two of them. It was justified that they walked together that’s when they committed there first crime together.
The crime of murder:  both had the same fingerprints: both touched the body: and both were at the scene of deaf. Even if they didn’t commit these crimes.
So now that they were petrified of the reality measures they would consist of what was being hidden was now back for the draw - but would one of them draw.
“This is not us.”  Said Demar 2 – “It was about 15 minutes ago. Said Demar 1. Now we need to get to the real source, you killed him Demar 1 and now you’re trying to bring me along for the ride.” Said Demar 2. – “Naw seriously I didn’t do anything I was just at the bar and then I decided to take the long way back, that’s when I heard noises from the dumpster. Then when I looked in the dumpster he was already in the dumpster.” Said Demar one. They made it back to the condominium unharmed, and then they had another discussion.
 He was now ready for what was eager. He was blind to the facts that he never really acted a lot, the cameras never seen what he did. Though he was in a fiendish setting, he was in the jubilation to regret anything that came out of his mouth.
He noticed that the skin on Demar 2’s back was pealing. He asked him.  “What happened?”
 And Demar 2. Said. He fell - he just had an accident that’s all.
 Now Demar had been in the road of the envious. He trusted the way that Demar 2 was their when Misty would have never thought that this was the right thing to do. Now that opposites attract he was now on that mission.
Demar 2 asked Demar one to tell him the real reason why he’s letting him live there, at the Condo and Demar 1 was baffled.
He then said. “At least you’re here just quit asking so many questions!”
“Ok you didn’t have to be so mean.” Said Demar 2.
The night went on and the mourning came and they went to they job positions - all they could feel was that this was a normal society and that’s what normal people do go to work. Now that they were in the condolences of another 8 hour shift and a 24 hour period.
They separately felt trapped and they were not sure, how not to be trapped so, they were in reality watching.
Demar two was at work at Frost Studios getting everybody ready for the shoot. He gets everyone gathered they suspect nothing of the person not being who he really was so he guides and help's the crew. He feels that he never wanted to be this normal, luckily he could know and remember everything that Demar 1 could - at least to a great enough extinct.
So know here Alicia comes congratulating Demar on his aspects and knowledge. He was excepting this from the film producers, mangers, and the consultants - everyone admired him.
Demar one was still going threw his week of visualizing and practicing, getting ready to record his new movie called: Seduce the logics.
He was so happy to be doing this job. He expected all his family to be happy for him, his mom was still living she just lived in a different state than Ohio but she would sometimes come visit him and he loved his mom. He called her every week. She didn’t know that he had a replica of him; she probably would have loved the replica as she would have loved her first son. Now that they were both separated from Demars father because he died in combat he went to war for his self and his country.
Demar was not the type to believe in the war but he respected his father. Any way.
They day just kept going and going at the production building for Seduced logics. Demar got into an argument with one of the actors named Tom. Good thing that none of the highest people saw what was going on in their argument to fire them, but they ended up hearing about it.
They were too rapped up in the fake reality of the movie, but Demar was not exactly like his character in this movie.
Therefore, it was going to be castrated to a municipal game, when the devil catches up to you he really dose and there is no way to escape what has happened.
Now that they were back on the job traveling to more scenes, doing more acts. Demar 1 felt that this movie that he was in was boring and that he was doing it strictly for the money.
That’s what he was telling some of the people there.
 Demar 2 was still making fabulous impressions on the staff of Frost studios. In addition, they were already thinking about giving Demar 2 more than one position at this company, if he could handle it.
That’s why he said maybe he should just stay the director for now and that’s what Alicia accepted.
She didn’t want to put too much of a burden on him. But she was doing what ever that it was that she needed to do for him, she gave him great parking, free tickets to movies, free gifts and a Frost Studio van and multiple other things. He had his own office. He loved it. He was a director and a consultant.
Now he was threw directing the cameras are blind to me and now in his office doing paper work and consulting with television networks and radio stations.
That’s why they decided to be different and that’s what was confusion the people like Misty and her friends. Demar 2 realized it wasn’t what he was always going to want - was to  work for Demar 1. He just was in the mood to play this little game and he didn’t want the game to end ,so he tried to escape the reality of humans in the world. They were going to talk to Misty and she wanted Demar 2 and even maybe if she had to destroy Demar
The streets looked so dark to Demar 2 when he was coming from Frost Studios, in his Frost Studio van, he was going back to the condo after work and he was thinking of something devilistic to do and he was not challenged in this world by happiness - he wanted to destroy someone so he started stalking this one girl. He didn’t know who she was but he was watching her all the time. He followed her to her home and on other errands, she ran.
He wanted to do something to her and his thoughts and reactions was racing and he was feeling I know she needs this problem, cause so do I.
I know she wanted me to chase the dream but I wanted everything in reality - not fiction.
The way things were looking is that she was getting things out of her car. She was a white woman about the age of 20 she had nice golden hair and she had on a sweat suit.
The angels that she maneuvered was seaming pretty to Demar 2.
He was jealous of himself and he didn’t want the reason to be devastation. However, in reality he was breaking laws and not caring about what he was going to do next.
As Demar 2 removes himself from his car, he walks around the girls house and try’s to look threw her windows. When he registered the belief that the girl was alone, he starts to break in. What was he going to do kill her, rob her, and rape her? – What ever it was, it would not be right in the authority’s eyes - because they would’ve just wanted justice and the way the game was being played was decibel.
Demar two might’ve figured that he was normal; in reality he would not had normally ran up in somebody’s house and molested them.
The seconds and minutes kept passing and he recollected everything that was on this girls mind. As Demar 2 watched from a far, he could see her going up stairs. Demar two was sticking with being obsessed with watching her only. He watched her in the kitchen then he watched her in the living room!
Then she went upstairs and he watched her undress. He loved the way her body looked. He was not going to stop this; she then went into the bathroom to shower.  Demar two was peeking threw the bathroom door. He was subjected to the belief of killing this girl.
He then felt he wanted to leave this girls premises, so he leaves unaware of the breaking and entering crime he committed and he was in the devolvement of sneaking into Demar 1’s mind. Demar one thought that the replica, which was Demar 2, was a good person, but in reality, he was a mean dirty man that just doesn’t care sometimes and iterates out to harm innocent people.
Alicia Waters was at her house having a little group function when she receives a call from Ken. He states.  “I did it.” She states. “Did what.”  “I know what you’ve been doing with the files, I know what you are trying to set me up for, and I knew what you wanted me to do - then I came to my reality.”  “I’m not trying to set you up.” Pleaded Alicia. In reality, she was trying to set him up. 
He told her - that she had better watch her step - and he told her that he quits – he told her he is moving on to a new job.
At this group meeting at her house, she was telling everyone one about canceling the production of the movie the cameras are blind to me.
She telecasted the belief that she was resident of the hurt she new  that she wanted to take time off herself – and she also had to tell Demar that he was going to be let go because their not making the movie any more.
And she would call him after the group function. She was fed up with what was the real ordeal. She contemplated the worst understanding of what the reality was and she accepted it. What Alicia needed was a reality check. She was coming up with envious ideas and games that she was going to commit. What was her obsession and what was her measure? Her measures of watching Demar all the time, she took the pictures from the cameras of him walking down the halls - at Frost Studios. She took the camera recordings of him in his office and the recordings of the outside areas.
She had this hidden obsession since day one and she added footage of them at the award ceremony.
She made slide shows out of the files, she created the stimulation’s of what she wanted, and she was upset at the fact that Demar didn’t pay attention to her sexually and the gratitude was not serious. She concentrated on the dignity of the man and then they were in the reunion of the past of Alicia Waters.
She used to always get abused by her mother and father. She was remembering - and with that, she wanted to abuse someone else. The group function went on for three hours.
 They discussed many of the changes at the meeting about Frost Studios and explored multiple strategies to keep the operations of Frost Studios running good.
Alicia couldn’t wait to get rid of her friends that came to her house for this group meeting, which was to satisfy her on morals as she went to her computer to study the recordings of Demar for her on fantasy.
 She was satisfied with the abrasion of filter but that was not going to deploy the real settings, she watched and watched. She was going to send this anonymous video to Demar and he was going to be feeling something is not right. He’d probably expect that Misty sent him this video, since she did it once, but this time he would end up triple regretting it.
If he thought that having another human as him was the top priority of negativity, it wouldn’t be anymore.
However, with the oppressive body he was going to not understand what was going on. Alicia could not accept Demar working there and having this obsession at the same time. She wondered to her self-how would I get more recordings on him with out him working. She had no choice but to break into his house and ad cameras in there  - the shit she was willing to do was fucking pathetic – and some how impossible.
She wanted to put a camera in his car, in his bathroom; she wanted the cameras in his soul. Moreover, she was going to locate the exact way to handle this concession.
So she thought it was what would win Demar over but in the ending, she was going to pop up out of nowhere and talk to Demar. I’m guessing to set the mood of her ignored thoughts. Then when the realms changed, she would try to actualize everything she fantasized.
Demar 1 was packing some of his things cause he was going to his house to start staying there instead of his condo. He asked himself am I making the right decision and with that he remorse the belief of his replica. He figured he could trick him - to get away from him, but in reality he wanted more of the sick game and he wanted the sick game, which was Demar 2 to be at his place of residence.
He received the call from Alicia and she told him the making of the movie had been canceled and that he didn’t need to come in any more for work - he couldn’t believe this was not normal just to get rid of someone this way.
He was so upset with the situation. It wasn’t as if he was the one going to work - it was Demar 2 going in his place.
 Demar two was just going to have to find something else to do.
Misty was discussing tactics with some of her friends on how to get into Demars life, enough to take back the replica, because they figured that Demar was keeping Demar 2 against they will.
So they was going to seek out to follow him and see if they can get some solid information on Demar but it wasn’t everything that Misty expected.
The other replicas were being destroyed, she didn’t want one of them to come to life - also she wanted the retaliation of deaf. She was a lot smarter than the negative beliefs of her job. She was a scientist and she had no reason to be this twisted – she should have never used this kind’ve scientific DNA modulation, but she did and what she would do is pay for what she went threw and that would be what was going too happened.
 It was now the day that Demar 2 was going over to Misty’s spot to talk to her. He was supposed to be Demar 1, not Demar 2. If they would’ve new that he was Demar 2, they would’ve had everything that they needed and that’s why they didn’t find out.
Demar 2 talked to misty and she was shocked. He made up lies about why he was still looking for the replica and with that, he had more tales to tell. In one of the rooms at Misty’s building the tracking device was going off, that would’ve meant to Misty that the replica was at their building and that would’ve been an easy capture.
Demar and Misty came up with times that they would go out and search for the replica, they would also use the three men that Misty was telling Demar about.
They talked and Misty told him about the belief of him knowing where the replica is.
He benighted the accusation.
They also talked about the danger that Demar could be in if he didn’t protect his self in the right way.
The real reason was to try to get into Misty’s mind enough, where he could tell her about the replica and not be mad. Where he could tell her about the replica and she agrees that he can keep the replica for his on personal study.
He would go to Misty’s building as Demar 1, this time instead of Demar 2. Then he would break it down to her that this is what he new would be the order array.
Misty really just wanted the replica off the streets that could set her mind straight, if she just new exactly where Demar 2 was and that would leave indignations now overcastted.
She would not be mad at Demar 1 in the ending but that’s what Demar thought she would be.
 Misty wasn’t their to hurt him – the way he saw the pictures of his self was just a coincidence to the belief of harm coming from Misty but was not a reality coincidence.
Now that the reasons were set up for why everyone was acting, the way that they were toward each other was casted. Demar two didn’t spend a lot of time with Misty he covered everything with-in thirty minutes.
Then he rushed out of there to talk to Demar one. Demar 1 told Demar 2 that they were going to have to tell Misty the truth because he didn’t want to keep having to deal with her and that’s why they still would. Even though he told the replica it would be in the way that he could still stay out if she agreed - Demar 2 said.
“She will or we can kill her.”  Demar one felt a demonic rush go threw his body - he had never killed before and this was what was crazy to him. He found the right reason to say. “We can’t kill her “– “oh yes we can and it can be easy.”
Demar one was still trying to understand himself.
Eventually the replica was going to talk him into committing crimes and destroying people’s lives. The replica would convince him that everything is going in the right notion but he was not caring.
That’s when they heard a knock at his house front door. Demar one goes to answer and the replica leaves the living room where they were sitting.
Then Demar 1 finds out that it was Alicia and he let her in. They set in the living room on the couch. She asked Demar out on a date even though her obsession was to watch Demar with her cameras- and she was really there to case the joint. Then she would think of an exact time to break in to install the cameras somehow she was going to pull this off.
They talked about the movie and why it was going to be canceled. Alicia made it seam like that was the real reason that she came was to talk to him more about why the making of the movie was canceled.
She let him know it wasn’t him - it was the whole production staff and everyone else.
The true reason was that she was becoming someone different and that different someone did not thrust into the belief of working over the obsession. Demar agreed to go out on a date with here that night. He was not trying to get into any kind of relationship, he was just counting this as one time thing that he wouldn’t continue, regardless of how the date went – rather it was good or bad to him didn’t matter.
He was trying to be the good person, but all he needed to do was turn bad and not care. He would end up doing this because he was cursed and he realized that it was fiction.
Therefore, he started wrighting a book called You Are Blind, which was an ovation of his life in the story commenced into fiction prose.
He would soon face all his fears and threats to have something human come take over his life.
 He new this was not normal to happened in the world but he didn’t care. He was actually going threw this, so that pushed back all of them fake lies about what cannot go on normal back. He would be wrighting off and on daily - and he would finish the task. Demar one was peeping around the corner while Alicia was in the living room and he just kept watching.
Then Alicia lifted her self from the couch and she left. She was over Demars house for about an hour then she went home.
 Alicia lived by her self because she was scared of commitment. She was a black girl with long black hair pass her shoulders, she was brown skinned. And pretty petite.
Alicia was in the mood for some more video - she new that the video that she sent to Demar anonymous would be arriving at his house tomorrow and that’s when things were going to get crazier for Demar.
Things were already crazy and they all was becoming and or going threw things that they should have never went threw. Demar 2 was into what he believed was passion and him and Demar 1 - set their talking. He was obsessed with talking to his replica, that’s all they fucking did was talk.
He had envisioned this sick disease and he dosen’t “realizes” it’s a disease, his replica asks him to commit crimes; he weighs this now, but in the future the replica will have enough power to over joy the posterior of Demar 1 and he would obey and be in this sick game for the rest of his life. Alternatively, something adequate to seaming real long.
They chatted and they had an argument about Demar 2 going out while he was on his date with Alicia. The replica didn’t want to stay in the house so, what ever it was to the replica was that he had a free will: meaning he was a free mason in that meaning he was free to travel anywhere he wanted to go.
Now that he could secretly hide, what he was really doing and or going threw. He would need to be in the hidden morals in order to complete what he really wanted as a replica.
“He didn’t understand anything.” Said Demar 2 and he was going to go out soon as he left with this Alicia character. He was admitting to his own feelings that he was going to do something bad very bad and he was not gone care about what Demar or any one else felt about this.
So he gets sicker and sicker it all starts out as something to do because you’re something that is not natural. Then it turns into strict murder rituals and freemason ethics, but he wasn’t a church going citizen and he was really working for the miraculous actions of black magic.
How could he hide this magic, he was planning to have a ritual some how when Demar 1 left. He wanted to go out but he figured he would go after the ritual. He didn’t care if Demar 1 came home and he wasn’t there. He wanted to do what he wanted. Though he had enough respect as Demar 2 to not do to much to upset his self they had replicated idiosyncrasies.
The morals of the habits led Demar 1 to go visit his daddy’s grave. He went and he felt the strength in his body slowly deteriorating and he could feel the valuable assonance.
This was highly violating and this could become efficacious and that was not good or bad to Demar 2. He felt that he could work with what ever was thrown at him.
How to be in the name and the nature of the never boy –
Close - they looking in his eyes -
He feels that he can do what ever he wanted - boy 
Now how be in the name and the nature of the never boy.
He wanted to understand himself more as Demar 2 - without killing another innocent person but his persona was in the invisible source at least to some people.
Now that Misty would soon get that call that she had been waiting on and she would soon find out that he never needed what she needed to take away from him. They had already talked: Him Demar one and Him Demar 2 - and from the outcome of their talk, someone may be willing to kill Misty if she gets in the way.
So Demar 1 and Alicia goes to an all you can eat buffet and they have a nice little talk. All Alicia could think of was her obsession with him. She fantasized about flashing cameras, rewinding, and playing the recordings again, she really wished she wasn’t there with him.
 She would rather him die rather than to have any other girl have him. She didn’t want Demar too come in-between what she wanted for her and her recordings of Demar. The sick bitch wanted recordings over the actual human, what a sick bitch!
However, the date continued and the remorse question he asked her was. “How could you do it, how could you just let every body down at Frost Studios?”  Alicia was not sure what he meant – she stated. “I didn’t let anyone down, some of you people is just barking up the wrong tree.”  Said Alicia – “What do you mean some of you?  Said Demar.
“ It’s a lot of people at Frost Studios that just don’t understand what it means to bond with some one and me being the head @ Frost Studios, is something that I don’t know if want continue.” Said Alicia.
“So is that why you fired me and closed the movie down.”  
“I didn’t fire you in order to get fired you would’ve had to do something wrong and that’s not what you did.”
The date went on for about two hours. They ate, then they went sight seeing in the days of the monologue; they would just see and talk about what they seen.
Alicia being his supervisor was nice. He never felt that she would stalk him or keep to many private files on his life but Alicia was the beast who would turn into the problem. Beast meaning that all humans and animals are beast according to some bibles in the world – oh yea that and the fact that she is crazy.
The third trinity of Alicia was becoming more vivid, she did actually have three persons in her. The rates are indulged into the grams of lust, trust, fear and hate.
Alicia and Demar departed they were both happy to be going their separate ways. The next thing that Demar 1 was going to do was going to be shocking. He was driving down the street then he ran into a wall on purpose. He wakes up at the hospital confused because he had blanked out for a while, he could not believe what it was that was facing him.
The doctors told him that he lost control of the vehicle, if only they new this was a suicide attempt – or he could be making a diversion toward Demar 2.
 He figured that if Demar 2 found out about this episode that he’d kill himself in some kind of fake fictional way that could’ve been true but in reality, it was and wasn’t.
 He wanted to make Demar two feel sad about what happened and with that he would kill or hurt any one for Demar one. You ask and you may receive. It’s just not, what was going to help - so Demar 1 decided to call Demar 2 at the house – Demar 2 answered and Demar 1 said. “I’m in the hospital; I was in a car wreck I lost control of my vehicle.
 Demar two said. “Don’t lie to me I just had a feeling that you wanted to run into the wall on purpose. Demar one said. “Why would I want to do that?”  “Because you wanted to prove something to me and I’m different than you think. I don’t know what you wanted to prove but I’m not mad, I’m just glad that you’re all right.”Said Demar two.
And the plight situation was elevated to un'plight and they would find out sooner or later that separation was going to be graphic.
Very deadly and horrendous and that pacific belief would have everyone mad.
Now that Demar 1 was in the hospital bed he felt uneasy about the nurses, they appeared to be ghouls in the night.
His mind blinked in and blinked out - he was surrendering to his new anosmatic behavior.
What he decided from thus day forth was to be more like Demar 2 and try to prove to Demar 2 that everything that he did was right.
He was so concluded to the logic that he rushed out of the hospital quick.
He was alright he just didn’t have his car in a certain way so he called Demar 2  and asked him to come and get him from the hospital. When Demar 2 came - he told him to drive over to Misty, where they will discuss and tell the secret that they have been hiding all along. The secret of all secrete to some aspect. They drove and drove until they made it to Misty’s building. They watched the streets and everyone seamed so innocent on the streets before they made it to Misty.
Meanwhile Alicia was at Demars house and she had all her gear and gadgets waiting so dalais – she swarmed threw the air and the suppression was gesticulate – she placed cameras in the living room the bedroom and the bathrooms.
The cameras was little circle dots with adhesive tape on the back of them. They were cordless and wireless and had ranges on them that pick up miles and miles away. It was unbelievable to her that Demar would ever find the cameras – she was obsessed she wanted to watch and record him for the rest of her days.
She completed what she did and got the hell out of there, it was such a hard trail to follow.
Alicia went to work and she stayed their until 6 o’clock in the evening. They were busy making sure their television shows stayed on the air. She was making sure that everyone did what he or she was supposed to.
In reality, she had a lot on her mind she was a sick twisted person and she deserved to be put to justice. She noticed how that it was that she had to buy more advertising spots from someone that she just didn’t like.
She tried to be the polite one but she ended up – denying the reality facts on what she wanted to do was sneak into Demar’s life. She just liked the chocolate brother more than she needed too and in ways that she shouldn’t had believed. It was in her - to accept what she was going to have to do – was get closer to him in ways that he should’ve never found out.
She would be what messed his life up more, but was who Demar trusted in the begging. She was not aware of the things that she did to him was wrong it was so desiccated that she was overwhelmed with virtuosity.
Now that Demar 1 and Demar 2 was @ Misty’s they both walked in. Misty said. “So what do we have here two fugitives on the wrong property running from the law?”
Demar 1 stated. “I came here to have a talk with you.” They then walked to a secluded room where they talked. He told Misty that he wanted to keep the replica for a while then return him.  Somehow, she agreed to allow this to go on.
After all she had broken the law by doing the scientific studies, to see if she could control humans from replicated DNA; the project didn’t work to her but some how it was control because Demar one didn’t even realize that he was getting controlled; real prospectus and they were trying now, to be more like the replica.
They told Misty with a threat: “if you come in-between us wrong we’ll kill you.” - Misty Said. “ There’s no need for this kind’ve talking, I’m still with you guys and allowing this, don’t forget that I’m the one who can get in trouble also, so don’t keep jumping to bad conclusions.
The air was perfect to Demar 1 and Demar 2 they were out on the streets together when Demar 2 said. “Let’s do something - let me see how much heart you got.”
Demar 2 new Demar 1 was ready - cause he had told him on the ride to Misty’s that he wanted to harm innocent people. So Demar 1 asked him what should we do.
Demar two suggested kidnapping and torture. So they kidnapped a girl and her daughter and take’s them back to they house.
They sit both of the females down in the living room .The mom was 34 and the daughter was eleven. They were both Caucasian.
They were feared the whole entire time that the two black men kept talking to them.
They took them to the basement in the house where they sodomized the victims. In addition, burned the victims, they needed this thrill of being different it wasn’t what Misty had in mind by allowing them to keep this hidden life.
In reality there was going to be recorded video footage of this Demar 1 and Demar 2 both recorded the abuse, but they was not aware of the recorded video footage that Alicia would’ve had.
She wanted it, she thought everything was good for her - it was what she wanted as she sat there watching the two black me abuse the two girls. It was sickening.
Not to the ones involved in the crime, they abused the women more, then they killed them and took they body off the premises to be dumped in the river; they felt clear of the problem. They were so happy that they committed this crime and it was pitiful.
They were going to be becoming serial killers they were heart less and they realized these heart less endeavors because someone manipulated them by stilling DNA and replicating the human body. This was deep enough for them to be soul struck-in humans and they await the next ritual of killing they can taste it.
Demar one finished the movie called Seduced Logics and it came out at the movie theaters. His celebrity life of making the movie was blind, everthing that the cameras recorded for the movie was blind to the eyes of Demar – he felt the cameras are blind to me – they don’t see the reality that I go threw.
He received a package in the mail and he put the CD into the CD player they mysteriously was watching the recording of, everthing that they had been doing in the last few days.
He new that they had recorded footage on the replica and the real human. Somehow, he didn’t know how who ever this was could do this. Demar 2 said. “We have to find out who ever did this and kill them, they are in the way.”
It wasn’t going to be easy trying to find who sent these tapes. Involving the police might could help, but that was the last thing they was going to want to do, was attempt to trace who sent the package threw the mail.
They was trying to get over what they seen, but it appears that there are cameras watching them and that the cameras are blind to.
As Alicia continues her obsession, she soon watched the tape - if she were away she would watch the tapes before she went to bed - if nothing was going on in a scene she would fast-forward the video.
The next day Alicia took her camcorder out to be at the resident of Demar - to follow him. She followed him all day recording his in’s and outs and feeling that everything she did was right.
She was not going to let something come in-between her and her fantasy’s.
That’s when later she made it back home to receive a call from her x boyfriend named Allen who wanted to talk to her, in other words, he wanted to have sex and kick it.
Only if Allen knew that she was into some serious ignored shit that Allen would not approve of.
She invited Allen over; he was a light-skinned man, who wore braids.
Alicia talked to Allen when he came over about her obsession; she told him that she wanted him to help her create her obsession stronger.
He was shook at first then he started watching the videos and admitting that he wanted a part of this somehow.
She talked to Allen and told him if he really loved her, he would do anything for them. Even though they relationship was broke up, it wasn’t because of an argument, it was because they just decided to postpone their relationship because they were confused.
So he accepts his lover’s request.
If he only knew he was the fool to be the accomplice of this situation, they worked out plans and schedules she wanted Allen Waters to be a deliveryman and go get in close on Demar.
Allen agreed to do this and he was so crazy for his wife, they were married and never divorced but they separated apart for a few months and now he’s back in her life.
Allen was an insurance agent and he was into something that was hidden, nobody around him was expecting him to be a killer or a real bad person, but he was defiantly set up to look as if the good person.
Now that Alicia feels that while she is at work, someone else could be doing her dirty work.
Now Demar 1 and 2 were looking for something to get into. They had been out, every since the mourning when Alicia first started following them.
They stopped at Burger king to get something to eat and then they departed. They were so shocked when the police pulled them over and asked them for driver’s license. Demar 1 gave the officer his license; the officer told Demar that they were doing routine checks on certain vehicles.
The officer checked the license data and seen that their were no warrants issued and no tickets un-paid so he let them go. If only the cop new that they had been out committing crimes and the fidelity of the situation was deep.
They drove off feared of what the next cop might do, they thought for a minute that the cop had had all the information that he needed to get them for murder and what ever else that they committed.
The way that they were feared stopped them from creating another crime this day. Demar was not his usual self, so he stopped doing movies a lot, his job of being behind the cameras were blinding.
Not that that would matter - they had Misty out of the picture and they were into the freemason thing.
They were convinced that they were going to kill again, and they were not going to be afraid. So they had to work with what they had they saw something on TV about a girl and her daughter going missing – they was just asking if any body seen or heard anything let the police know.
They didn’t know that the two females were dead but Demar and Demar 2 knew and they were proud of their selves. When they saw the video they were in the mission of being neglected from normal society, they were deprived of there, congeniality, and when the bomb smoked, it really smoked.
They came to a decision. Then when he found out that the harassing tournaments was eradicate. He found the reason of disscoialization to be his property words. How could he elevate an exact exert.
 It’s in his nature to wish and Demar1 and Demar 2 would fully understand the rush of the hail of the creature.
Alicia was on her ethics, it was now her passion to think in dialogue to be this careen and she found that the teal concept was right. She would go out to these two niggas house tonight.
With the Esperance of the location, she was ready to foundate and that date would be the way she accepted – a question yes a question?  Would she take Allen on the excavenous with her?
 That’s what I was asking my self.
Nevertheless, I think she might.
With the temperaments found with-in, Mrs. Water’s handgun was crazy, not to disincline – but to dislodge - the stun gun that she carried also.
And she was ready for this awesome feat. And the retreat would glide into the passive options of the everlasting breath. She talked to Allen on her cell phone and pertinent to him on his cell phone. And she was at tone at him. And he at tone with her.
They competed with each other’s emotions over the phone.
They wanted to do what ever the other one did more.
It was the reselection of his detection. He accepted the fact that at nine o’clock, he would go to; but what he didn’t realize was a way to exonerate the method martinet of the next game.
Now with the Phillips that was Allen’s last name before it was changed to an unexpected error in his wife’s life.
The real reason why the Phillips was in it was for  the greed, envy, and the any other things that’s “ synomous” you can look at me as foolish  for writing this but the Phillips is the Waters we just changed  they name.
The nightfall came laid out as satin in a gun shoot out. That’s what her - oh yea and that dude two felt about the mission to go fuck over Demar and in the ending Demar 2. The one Alicia and Allen don’t know about.
And on top of that, they have started a new cult operation called kid napping and academy.
For this they may feel that they don’t feel safe with these two situations there: ALICIA AND ALLEN - So right now it’s either right this down for them to accidently not make it to Demar one and Demar 2  - “or” let them make it and Demar 1 and 2 Kills them, or gets away from them.
So now, that Allen and Alicia was there where they were at and they had to articulate a reason to get away from Demar 1 and Demar 2. If they got out of hand but they wasn’t there to rob them maybe to fuck with them.
But Alicia’s obsession with Demar was coming deeper and she was not even mad!
Now that the worlds was coming more profiling for Demar – I ‘mean – I guess – but what is he gone do when they right out side right now!
Now that Alicia and Allen is creeping to a new window as they peek in and look at Demar one  and Demar 2 _ they wonder and talk about how could it be two of them – the cultivation was becoming indignity.
They kept watching the two.
Then they broke in and they were inside of Demar 1 and Demar 2’s Place. And they didn't know and then when it was wet.
They then finally got to Demar 1 and Demar 2 after watching allot. Then Alicia told Demar – “I’m obsessed with you.” – In some kind, ve low tone- “I’m so in love with you.”  Right then she went right up and kiss Demar one as if Demar 2 wasn’t there.
So Demar 2 said. “Where is my kiss?”  Alicia said. “What are you?”  “I know you want me.” Said Demar 2 serious – there was silence-
Demar one asked. “So why did you just bust up in my shit – I didn’t call you to come, and we didn’t have anything arranged?”
“Well!” Said Allen after his silence spell –“I came here with her to destroy you” - Allen might not have seamed hard – but he was about his business.
“Now give us what we came for which is the clone.” Said Allen
Alicia was feeling like what did he just say “the clone.”
I was supposed to be here because of my obsession- but now Allen wants to change, everthing - to that we came here for the replica – just because I told him that I didn’t know that Demar had a twin.
Now he wants the replica.
Now Alicia walks over to Allen and she whispers in his ear.
“Fuck the replica - I don’t want the replica, I’m obsessed with Demar.” She said.
Then Allen said. “Well think about it this way at least you will have two of them. Then she asked him. “What are we going to do?”
That’s when Demar was so fed up with all this whispering and coming in, or should I say breaking in out of nowhere.
He said: Demar 1: “Well yall ain’t welcome here and it’s time to go.” Demar two then said right after him – “yea get yall shit and get to going me and him don’t’ want yall here.”  “Unless yall gay or some Lesbians” Said Allen out of nowhere.  – “naw fuck that gay shit.” Said Demar one. “Yea that’s right.” Said Demar 2 as he gave Demar 2 some rock and they were both happy about that.
“Why do we have to make this complicated?” Said Alicia. “We just can’t let any one do what they want and be who they wanted, Now that we can understand the both of you. We have a proposition for you.
It’s called tell the obsession and get away with it.”Said Alicia.
However, Alicia’s real plan was to kill one of them and keep the other. However, this thing was getting out of hand and Demar 1 and 2 was not going to sit around dumb as fuck and let them get away with everything.
So they started switching up there tones and saying crazy things to Alicia and Allen who had broke into their house and found out the secrete.
Demar two ran to another room and was outside in no time it was nothing much that Alicia and Allen could do it was so quick.
Now they would be the worst way and they were going to try to stop Alicia.
Come to find out this was a dream that Demar 1 was having about someone named Alicia and Allen coming over. Even though they were actually plotting on going, over there they would get there and we would see what happened.
Now that Alicia has made up her mind and the aspects was going to damage Demar he would have to come up with something to save his self and Demar 2 if he still cared. Now the reality was getting wiser. In the meantime.
Too be continued
End of short story version

All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Harry Johnson.
Published on e-Stories.org on 01/17/2012.


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