Bernhard Pappe

The green and the red door a daily decision

In front of me there is a sign. Customs area is written down. Use the left green door when no goods in your luggage need declaration. Use the right red door when valuable goods in your luggage need declaration.


At the borderline of thinking my accompanied luggage needs declaration.

Every thought is valuable.

Every thought has to be declared.

Every thought has to be spoken out.

Every thought has to be written down.

I pass always the red door.

Behind I pay life’s duty.


The red door is not a hell’s gate.

Behind the red door is no secret.

There is nothing more than life - adventure and challenge.

Accept the challenge and declare your attitude to the life at all.

For using the red (right) door courage has to be gathered up.

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Published on on 11/20/2015.


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