Robert Zabek

universal audio

in life
like a song
in a DAW
each man
like an audio track
some are routed to groups
others stand alone
pure ones
without fx on them
ending up
at the master bus
these days
once again
no headroom left
for swollen brains
too many tracks
running too hot
clipping the converters
compression added
to save
threshold reached
heavy pumping
more, more
everybody wants it all!
step back
step back a bit
each track!
proper gain staging
is what we need
mute all evil
put it in solo mode
don´t let
take over
being augmented
is this song
worth mixing?
save as:
export as:
"demo.mp3" (128kb)
see you later
open new project

© Robert Zabek

hi there. this is a metaphor and it's
obvious if you are familiar with music
production and audio engineering.
if you are not, let me explain it
a DAW is computer software people use to
rrecord music/songs.
you have probably seen a mixing console
before. and its faders that can be moved
up and down, from dead quiet to loud.
effects can also be
added(echo,reverb,etc.) and if a track
is too loud, the signal overloads and
sounds kinda broken, which hurts the
quality of the song.although it can also
be useful at times. tracks can also be
muted or be put in solo mode=in such a
case you only hear the one track in solo
mode, while all other tracks will be
muted. electronic music also uses so
called vsts which well let me put it
this way: You, yes you, can sit down at
a piano, hit random keys and you will
hear cellos or brasses or choires,
whatever. all tracks end up at the so
called master bus or 2bus, in stereo.
every song you hear
on the radio is what once has been
summed in a master bus. so, a song is
the result of many tracks summed
together. i figured, this makes a nice
metaphor for mankind in life.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Zabek.
Published on on 07/20/2017.


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