Muuuhammat-ter will be not afraid
if he can ´t finde for love a little girl.

Great all Aha on heavenly cloud
give his horny bull a holy goat.

So that they can
in the Choir run
to do things of the abnormal.

Leader of the one
who gives only half of the night light,
when his servant
becomes abnormally satisfied.

His many curelly circumcised women
have to wear veils and headscarves,
serve him as additional domestic
and love slaves.

He prefers the anus often during lovemaking
between him and a boy, him and a woman,
but the vagina of child-girl and of an animal.

They have to birth children like rabbits
into bitter poverty.
Then he sends them to their richer enemies.

To spread the perverted faith,
some Muuuh-slime wants
to cut off the heads of their critics.

Immoral phenomenons
can also be seen in other
so-called God-chosen people.

Against the Bible words
they legitimize suffering and death,
calculate the residual risk and the need.

Are consuming everything and everyone,
Change the love partners like underpants.

Incredible: As such overbearing kind of souls,
in haeven they want
to live on forever like God.

Want to believe in Satan's first lie in Eden.
theirs through the Fall in sin 
mortal souls die in error.

The crescent burns to his end
in the darkest night
together with the cross of Tammuz
and Babylons star in Satan's twilight.

In prtection his peaceful name people,
Jehovah uses angels under his Christ,
to eliminate the evil from his earth.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Siebenstein.
Published on on 11/05/2018.


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