Heinrich Baumgarten


Cash ain't only Johnny, the country super star:
The central meaning of this word is money, friends, oh yeah!
There are so many people who think it is the best.
No trick can be too dirty to set their souls at rest.

For cash you can acquire the experts that you need,
And any trial in court sure will be finished at great speed.
Just have a try, you'Il see it works 'cause everybody toils:
Expecting cash they use their wits, imagination broils.

For cash you can seduce the well most prudish girls around,
For cash by ugly women handsome husbands can be found.
You have your doubts? Well, wait, my friends, until you come of age.
Be careful, cash can even free a tiger from its cage.

Cash makes heroes cowards, makes politicians lie,
Cash finances weapons, makes many people die,
Cash makes critics quiet, cash makes speakers dumb,
Cash perverts ideals, makes your senses numb.

Cash on the nail, cash on the nail...

All the lyrics were written in the years 1984)85. For some of them I had demoes made in Ireland.
I'm trying to insert the one for "CASH" some time here...
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