Antonio Justel Rodriguez


...beyond the last seas, the last lands and lights,
you were;

… entered my heart as in a fire
and living roses came out to meet me when I said that Elai was your name,
my faith and reason, and my last, my exalted glory;
she carried my drums, my labaros and lances, my strength and triumphs as a badge,
earthly oil,
command and be,
the lineage;

… and nothing was;

… in atriums of silence, under the purest light, on the other side of the blood, lives Love;
here, here is my Camelot, my Excalibur, and, also, my country and queen,
the one that dreams and shines,
my Elai;

… therefore, still outside the walls and pilgrim in the chest,
poor, naked and blind, I am alone;
ah living roses, to that one, to the one who is my soul,
Can you tell her that Ebor is dead and Ebor is calling her, can you?
Antonio Justel Rodriguez

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Antonio Justel Rodriguez.
Published on on 04/15/2022.


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