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I wrote this songlyrics in 2020 in New Zealand, a country where the Vatican eversince they applied "convert or die" towards the Maoris continued to have a lot of influence.,

it was shortly after that I eavedropped officially that an entire bunch of people was told that some organisations would have made an experiment of me.

Shortly after that I had eavedropped that conversation "she is an experiment"  I once again noticed that people were given directives they would have to add drugs to my food and it would be a special medicine justifying it with a mental illness and I would not be allowed to know about it.

They had circulated a photo pf me and telling everyone I would be disabled and would be very brave traveling and just to let always known my specific position and they just would like to help me but without that I would be bothered.


Enjoy the lyrics and it will tell you a lot of how the Vatican works once you get to know a lot of ugly truth about them. They apply nowadays the techniques that were developed during fascism about which you find a lot of information when you google the terms "zersetzung" and "gaslightning".

But here the lyrics and elaboration since I already back then was not able to go to any police on GLOBAL scale because they immideately would become contacted by italian and german state police members.



"And if she's talking weird,
you need report her", so they say.

"And if shes talking weird,
give her some of this.

It will calm her down and stop her talking"

But in reality they are afraid,

that I share the truth & am believed,

when I speak up,

with every word and every raise of voice

with every sound and bit.


They say "she's fucked"
but this is cause they let abuse me,

without my choice or consciousness.

Drugged food and gassed air
in my very own flat.

Memories were vague,
but my body does not lie,

when meeting people,
sometimes I become tense

I become shy
without knowing exactly why.

But after all I knew very well,
More and more details came back
of what I hoped to have

just been nightmares

about people from hell...



After it turned out that even in 2020 without that I had ever publisehed anything about the abuse that had happened to me they kept on to destroy my life and make it impossible for me to find employments, friendships or relationships and when I found they were destroyed straight away with corruption or directives or they involved the persons into the "experiments" I realized that it would not stop no matter what I would do, I came to the conclusion that there is no other option than to start to research about the people who were persecuting, abusing, instrumentalizing and obviously experimenting with me telling the entire world about it without ever compensating me for what they had done.

The result is a book research about the Vatican and Fascism that revealed, the more I researched about the places where all those things started and about the persons involved from as turned out my early ages constantly more dark crimes of the Vatican..

I am more than willing to interact as an interface for more details and testimonies in case you would like to contribute to it.

Here is a short summary of the Chapters of the book:

The Genetic factory of the Vatican
Underground laboratories
Race experiments
Purpose of global childabuse is genetical theft of sperm and ovaries
(nursing homes, hospitals, catechism “teenager” groups) for experimentations
Vatican owns Whorehouses (example Hamburg, ex priest who studied under Ratzinger told about it, then he retired and switched to the Mafia, evidently the only safe place once knowing the truth about the vatican)
Czech Republic
Northern Italy
Some of the ratline destinations and some of the headquarters of the Inquisition
Santa Croce - the female murder commando of the Vatican with connections to Free Masonry, black mess, curses (yes, they do exist)
The “secret” library of the Vatican contains ALL papers of their torture and unethical experimentation during inquisition, in extinction and reconcentration camps and “resilience” tests and persecution, the descendents of the fascists received a “birthright” to access the library of the Vatican
The Vatican and Freemasonry
When was the Vatican/ Roman Catholic Church founded?
Satican, did you ever notice that the by the Vatican founded word “Santa” is just by moving the middle letter to the end transformed into Satan? It is to be doubted that an institution that from the beginning has been master in rhetoric made a linguistic “mistake”
Persecution and “reeducation” by the Roman Catholic Church at least since 2500 B.C.
Ancient cultures (e.g. Greece, Sumerer, )

Jesus Christ (persecuted and nailed to the Cross by the ROMAN CATHOLICS, eventually he escaped, the church instrumentalized it for their purpose)
The Templars (they were the ones who accompanied and protected travellers who wished to see the holy places of Jesus Christ- it does not make sense that the Vatican PERSECUTES those who wish to cherish Jesus unless they want to prevent people to get to know the truth)
The Roman Inquisition eversince the Middle Ages (it never stopped, until the day of today the Inquisition networks continued under different names and in the dark with new methods of reaching their goal of experimentation)
Christoper Columbus was member of the Vatican
The Spanish Roman Catholics on CUBA: Reconcentration Camps, Weyler was the architect of the first concentration/extinction camps, similarities in character description and even appeareance to Th. Eicke who built the exctinciotn camps in during the Holocaust
Native America,
The Roman Catholic Vatican MISSIONARIES, their mission? To force people to convert to roman catholic doctrines and giving up their ancient knowledge, who did not convert was murdered, 
In the RESERVATIONS for so-called language study members of the ROMAN CATHOLIC church in reality did EXPERIMENTS with the native population while comparing to the results with their own children to whom they did similar experiments while depriving them from the possibility of better living conditions while those not even realising what the roman catholic church into which doctrines they were grown up had done to them
Native Africa: Catholic “missionaries”, their mission to kill,SLAVE trade, colonialism in A
Native Canada:
First Nations were deprived from their children who were put into roman catholic boarding schools. If they would speak about their real culture they were punished, if at home would be spoken about their real culture they were punished
Native Australia: Aborigines were put into reservation camps and under drugs and alcohol making them sick and being experimented with
Native New Zealand: Maoris were forced and indoctrinated by the roman catholic church as well
South America, when the Roman Catholic Church brought their fascists to South America on their Ratlines, in the less controlled places, the fascists continued with their horrific persecutions and experiments on native populations
Example: Chile
Psychiatries in the name of the Roman Catholic Church
ICDH, how many DEFINITIONS of so-called mental Illnesses were written in reality by members of the Roman Catholic Church and by Fascists?
THE LIST of the Roman Catholic Church and the attributes of those they were PERSECUTING, EXPERIMENTING with, MURDERING or declaring for crazy
Bio magnetic field sensitive, empathetic, frequency sensitive, nature connected, nomadic populations, persons with natural healing skills, persons who are still connected with universe, philosophers,
The Roman Catholic Church and the Free Masons
(since the middle age, free masonry and Inquisition, free masonry and Nazi fascism, e.g. Bad Harzburg)
The Roman Catholic Church and National Fascism and Racism:
DID the Vatican CREATE Fascism?
The Roman Catholic Church in Austria, Hohenems, 
The Roman Catholic Church and race/genetic experiments and the creation of CLONES did start BEFORE the rise of Fascism
(hypothesis: did they CREATE Hitler with genetic material of charismatic persons and used him as a PUPPET? Since he himself has none of the attributes and characteristics of those the fascistic people wanted and the biggest war criminals Himmler/Goering/Eicke/Goebbels were UGLY and DISGUSTING and CRUEL, while Hitler only wanted to study Art, WHO was the institution that destroyed the possibility of art school)
SANTA CROCE: the murder commando of the Vatican
The role of the women in the Vatican
Incisions, the cresima
Women masonry
Hierarchic structures, networks, Pax Deorum

The Vatican and the CIA and NSA and BND :
The CIA and NSA and BND were FOUNDED by the Vatican and CONSISTS of the Vaticanmembers,
When the CIA was established, the members were “recruited” from the political branch of the Vatican and from the NAZI Elite in entire Europe (Tim Weiner, “CIA-the whole story”) and with PAPERCLIP they brought even more to the United States,
M-KULTRA is a program by the CIA which EXPERIMENTS on a neuronal level once again with persecution and resilience tests and once again the same descendents are persecuted and experimented with such as in all millennials the, ZERSETZUNG is a program by fascists, the Vatican and the CIA to DESTROY any potential serious threat towards them: people who speak up and who don’t let themselves reeducate, their life is literally destroyed and they are deprived of any real career while they are kept alive since the Vatican wishes to continue the experimentation with them
The DLR is within insiders as well known as a secret service of the BND, the DLR is doing RESEARCH on extraterrestrial life, reporting results to BND and through BND to the descendents of the Fascists and through NSA towards the Vatican,
The DOCTORS of the Vatican: descendents of inquisitors, psychiatrists etc etc etc.
Who speaks up is declared for crazy, manic depressive, put under drugs, directives to everyone to drug a person, to signal a person, to incision a person, to blackmail a person
The corruption by the vatican:
Highest sum heard of to blackmail and destroy 1 single person: a TRILLION US

the person is ME. 

The methods of the Vatican:
Gaslightning “ha malcapita, fraintesa, inventata”
Vatican doctors, letting declare for insane, mentally instabile, manic depressive, suicidal (prepared murder that is then made look like as a suicide)
Accusing others of what they do themselves and trying to get fake proof and fake testimonies for it: including curses and dark quantum fuckery (remember the inquisition and persecution while they were and are doing with masonry and dark rituals and incisions and all their strategies EVERYTHING they accuse others of. )
The Roman Catholic Church/Vatican/CIA and the IS
IS maybe founded by the Vatican? There were always rumours the USA would have founded it and it would have been paid soldiers, THIS is conspiracy.

BUT the CIA was founded by the Vatican (founded in 1943, established in 1947, recruited mainly: the paperclip recruited NAZIS, the political branch of the vatican-after 1945 due to the ratlines into the vatican the most dangerous fascists) and made it LOOK and made believe the US government it would be pure USA and american, 5% of the marchall plan money disappeared there without ever needing to justify where that money used for, in 1970 25BillionUSD went to ITALY for forming new CIA subgroups consisting of Italians, neofascists, people from ukraine, czech republic, romania and albania and a few others.)

The doctrines of the IS are the same doctrines of the Vatican and the Inquisition
All before known labeled as terrorist organisations from the beginning up to today CLEARLY DISTANCE to have anything to do with the IS
The OPERATION to LOOK for biologic weapons after 9/11, all long confirmed that it was known from the beginning there would be none…
did they BRING the IS into Afghanistan?
Was that operation with all the convois a TROYAN to bring the genetic laboratory and whatever they created there?

Once again it would follow their pattern and strategy to accuse others of what they do themselves.
The Italian terrorist girl silvia from Veneto KNEW the terrorist leader from IS before she went to Afghanistan WHILE she came from a very vatican concentrated background, then she let herself “buy free” from the Italian government and EU who gave through this money to them, she was put into a psychiatry but WALKED out of it alongside someone from the VATICAN, a descendent from an inquisitor who WALKED her literally out of the institution, now she is hiding within the connections of the Santa Croce networks which equally follows the doctrines of Vatican and IS. 

- detailed chapter about the ratlines after WW2 for the fascists receiving new identities and passports and found new home in the canary islands and many countries where the catholic church had for centuries some of their headquarters.
in the last decades came to the surface that in many of those ratline destinations the fascists together witht he roman catholic church applied horrible experiments to the indigenous populations

- baby skeleton massgraves found in front of monestaries
- drug abuse and medication abuse in foster homes, abuse cases inside remind rather of experimentation and collection of genetic material and testing new pharmaco

- certain genetic illnesses have medication only produced in the vatican. WHY?
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 07/20/2022.


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