Saskia Charlotte Junker

Noone owns anybody, neither for real nor in disguise

This one I wrote in 2017 when I became fully aware of the ongoing organized abuse and the in addition made experiments with substances they used to drug my food. In 2020 and 2021 they added drugs which they put into my TOOTHPASTE and into my warmwaterboiler to cause emotional agressive and irrational reactions 15 minutes after toothbrushing and after showering.

I as well saw poisened showergel and liquid washing detergent and therefor I started to buy solid shampoo, solid toothpaste, alternatives to classic washing detergent. In 2021 they added poisenous substances to the steering wheel of my car and to the airconditioning when I found ways to give an extra security measure to opening the doors of my car.

You think you own me
because of your experiments acted out
which are useless
as I knew that you do them
and often enough
I just pretended, no doubt.


Resilience tests,
substance abuse.
Surveillance techniques,
traces, lies, confuse.

You think you own me,
broadcasting illegal my voice,
you lied to countless of people,
who believed your bullshit
neglecting to think for their own,
neglecting their freedom of choice.

You think you own me
because you keep taking track.
you think you own me
because you are still not in prison
and you dont show any regret.

You think you own me.
My body.
My voice.
My face.

You think you own me,
your violence poor disgrace.

You think you own me
due to your success
in making others acting
according due to your lies
and if it came to confess
so deep in shame
that one of the other
did just deny.

You think you own me
because you keep reading
listening to my calls,
boradcasting without scruple,
and waiting for violating effects.

You think you own me
because you still found keys to come in.
No matter whether I changed locks and keys again.
or the walls were surprisingly thin.

You think you own me
because you still want to decide on success in life or death.

You think you own me
because you manipulated with poison and drugs,
and because you hilariously think
your acts would drive me nuts.

You think you own me
due to your ugly acts
but di you know what
while you are perverts
I gathered some steal heavy facts.

Sure when I am asked
I do pretend that I have none,
like this your perverts
continue to make errors
next foot&fingerprints left
and more proof for the entire world
are done.

You think you own me
because you threaten my friends
but you know what, not on your choice
everything depends.

You can go on like this
and wasting your time
on murder and deceiving
but with each step you make
you will be giving your own grave the shape.

I wonder whether
one day all testimonies wake up
I wonder whether they will find back their
courage instead of deceiving my trust.

I wonder whether you will realize




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 07/23/2022.


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