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Latest update about governments who do not give a shit

Latest update.

Celebrating almost 1 month being illegal and being homeless.
being deprived from my legit rights and property and moneyaccess already for more than a year or a couple of years? Being persecutes and being let put on drugs or being defamed for insane or shizophrenic and people drugging food to then persecuting me and telling I would be insane  while it is evidently them. People who corrupt entire regions of where I am to tell bad things about me.
people who oretend I would have offered prostitution or drugs.people who infiktrate into every accomodation and then do sth to then pretend they would be me...

Employments sabotages, emailaccounts compromised, the possibility to leave a comment under my publications here inhibited, telephonenumbers surbeilled and calls circumnavigated..
People pretending I would not even exist...

People send constantly to fake friendlyness teying to figure out identificative details of my kife that then seem to be given to pwrsons in europe who oretend they would be me...

Did they produce a clone???

People saying a person with my name would kive at lake garda at the place where i escaped from in 2017 (describes in detail the 2 days after leaving from there in the chapyer "scappata per austria) of my autobiography...the chaptwr I published here.

Did they xlone me and pass me then for someone else? Why do people constantly insist I would be a certain samanta or the daughter of an extinction camp commander or of a woman who was around hitler?

Or a person insisting I would have even been marries to one of those reckless perverts?

I gather more and more material about the vatican and santa croce and the nazis and the Ukrainian criminals and that ujraine helpes hitler with the genetical experiments and their crimes.

Seen people still try to pass me for a prostitute or for a terrorist or for married to assholes or for adopted to nazi criminals or descendents of people from.ukraine who abused me...

And seen i am NOT all those people...

Here I add oficially my passport number.

Maybe some officials finally can help me to get justice?!? Instead of adding up to the crimes that were done to me??

I am these days seriously thibking about which crime I have to commit to be allowed to leave to a country where people are not participating in state crimes seen I tries 3 times to book a flight into a country where governments would not have participated into those illegal state experiments against me into which they even involved NATO by now. All without consent.

Passport number C1YK3C4M0, German passport issued on 26th of june 2015. I am born on 7th of march in Duisburg , germany in the bethesda hospital.

My citizenship is german but the german embassy does not give a shit. The europeqn governments do not give a shit and it turns out the US government does nor give a shit either.

And just for the record..this was already in 2016 the case..not adter I took a stand for putin.

My fingerprints are on file eversince I had applied for a usa visa in 2018.

So if there is any country out there who is not brain dead and would like to invite me to give me all my rights back that criminals from state levels have stolen me I would be mkre than happy (:!

I celebrate these days to be here 1 month illegal in thr USA, communicated this as well to authorities but they dont even care.

Did the USA make me as well a state experiment without consent violating all norms and ethics? Did european governments who started with those experiments SELL me? Is this allowed? Selling people?

I never changed my name and I never got adopted and I never married and I never fakes my death.

But people seem to think. I did a lot of crimes and not them.


I never have been interrogated or approached.

But eversince 2017 people behave insane in my regards since 2019 and 2020 even mkre.
more than 50 attempts of murder?? Direct and indirect?

And no government or authority willing to put the real criminals into prison?

However.i found out that the no lesser by German so favourite tourist destination lake garda has at least 3 places that lives in reality from sex tourism. Organizes abuse.organized child abuse.
pthe subjects put under drugs and narcotics in their very own flat then after it happened flushed with pharmaco that they would not remeber. Police makes part of the municipalities make part of thr abusr.and it is all organized by the local roman catholic church and their networks of northern lake garda of thr province of verona. It is horrible.
who speaks up is declared for insane by the local health departments.all of this started in the 40s when Mussolini and hitler had their headquarters co tinued after 1945. Maybe everything vontinued there after 1945.just in the hiding places on the main route of the ratlines from Nuremberg to the vatican.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 10/01/2022.


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