Saskia Charlotte Junker

The surveillance Neurorape technology Snowden tried to warn a

Did you ever wonder why they really arrested Assange and wanted to arrest Snowden?

Or why Mr Snowden answered in his interview whether he would be afraid to be suspected of sharing further state secrets that he knows that if he did the US government would know the very next day?!?!


Pretty easy.

It was not a lie when they warned about a global surveillance state.

Groups like ignoto or the mafia or the military know about those adjustments since forever.

But THEY use it usually as an easy communication system.

Governments instead decided to apply only the first part without consent.

Or maybe they did not and did this with the vaccine as a surprise...

Except yo those they wanted to keep experimenting with or to whom they did crimes throughout their entire lifes such as with me.

Correct fucked up governments!?!

IN cases like me they prevent the advanced communication forms because otherwise I could I form the entire world and ask and dand for compensations.


Apart from that theyafe too much money on my behalf...

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 12/26/2022.


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