Saskia Charlotte Junker

bank accounts and corrupted banks following directives

if someone wants to help me financially, I have still the card to my banc account at malcesine which however is surveilled as well eversince, this was the reason albi made me a debit card on his name as we hoped too keep surveillance and persecution by perverts as long impossible as we manage at least in this cse. because whenever I used my malcesine banc card the assassines were activated and this already in 2019, whenever I used my card in 2019 shortly afterwards there were attempts of murder in California, Canada, New Zealand. I d not have the iban number but the account numberr Saskia Charlotte Junker is 18384546 Cassa Rurale Alto Garda, with my legit adress Via Saltarino 6. However there were rumours that people internally would have changed it to the name samanta and towards me keeping pretending it would be on my name to hide the identity fraud. One of the cashiers is very close to the owner of one of the olive stores in front of the little despar owned by Diego and the olive oil store is directly connected as well to Anny Verdoren who knows me since I am a baby but refused to help me when I reached out for help in 2021 while she KNOWS malcesine and its population eventually better than many others as she was for many a woman of confidence. Anyways. This is my banc acount and my card is still valid until the end of february. Afterwards the card expired. This is by the way the reason I cannot acess my Study bancaccount of the ABN Amro Bank in the netherlands or my banc account of the GLS Bank Hamburg, because the cards did expire respectively were blocked and the psychopaths and criminals of italy and bavaria made it happen that they even told my very own bank that I am NOT saskia charlotte and PREVENTED that I would be able to talk to the person in Hamburg with Whom I in 2010 opened my banck account in person and who I updated regularly about the various developments. He as well did give me the dispot of 6000 when I needed it in 2017 all of us hoping that I would then make a lot of money working on the cruiseships but I came back with debts due to the preinvestments and destroyed job by ASSHOLES. Anyway in 2021 when I rtreid to reach out to my personal banc person, the GLS Hamburg had been corrupted or given directives to do everything to prevent I would be able to talk to him. So I cannot access my conto there. I was able to do bank transfers through the Reisebank while I was in Germany with identifying myself and putting it on a one time prepaid debit card. But the psychopatsh gave the credentials of My credit card to WISSING and ipnovito and the fascists who then whenever I started to use it anywhere in the word even after I had no money on it anymore were informed and in the next 24 hours the entire town and region was lied to with falsified issued sick certificates by st catherine (friends with ipnovito) and that they have to declare me for insane on USA sclae pretending I would have tried to escape from a psychiatry order. Well.. I did not escape from anything , I NEVER talked to anyone of st catherine, I was in Venice (as well there they managed that one night I was without accomodation needing to improvise) and was in venice to TAKE A FLIGHT to Germany, seen another official grandmother in Brakel was on intensive care and I would have loved to see her.. so I took the flight in case it would be reason to and preventing that they would then close down for covid bullshit again. but once in germany I realized the stalking and persecution did not stop and became aware of new death threats and people trying to murder as well people I knew and who would ahve been able to confirm that I am saskia charlotte even after many years of not seeing each other. Seen she was on intensive care in a roman catholic hospital I was afraid they would have pretended she would not have made it but in reality would have murdered her in case I would have decided to visit her. And seen I already knew about the neuromonitoring by those sons of bitches I knew I could safe her when they know for sure I would not go and visit her. She would have known at that point eventally even more about everything and I knew they would do EVERYTHING to prevent it. I as well was considering to visit one of her other daughters who always had respected me and treated me kindly but as well there after all I did withdraw as well because mechwa with whom I had been in touch at that point still hoping she would have nothing to do with it did tell me to better not visit her but she would refer the greetings to her mother. she refused to organize a video call which would have been possible. well.. and then shortly afterwards it started whenever mechwa had info about locations of mine that I again had attempts of murder and sabotage at my car and similar. and it was not due to the insignas of the psychopths but directly related to what I told mechwa she once even tried to figure out how I would pronounce my name in a different country when I would travel there... )... anyways.. This morning on the debit card jalbi gira did for me still there was no money. WTF did they hope, that last night someone would murder me or pass me once again for someone else hoping I would go to a homelessshelter??? I am not a homeless person. i am a person of whom they stole a lot of money and did a lot of crimes to and try to cover everything up. but well.. i once gave as well my reisebank debit preparid card to mechwa and to wilke but eviently they all want me to DIE instead of being able to live according to my legit rights. ==================== There are more things that need to be investigated. and that might have been caused by the fact that people confused me with 5year old Samanta or who the fuck she is. in 2021 a BREG busdriver who dirves the schoolbuses of the schoolchildren had a lethal accident in which he was squeezed between his bus and the tree.. sound rather like having been murdered. Well.. I had been harassed and halfly molessted by a busdriver from BREG in 2017 from the tourguide company. If those people thought that I was samanta when they came to know this, they might have murdered a bus driver of those who drive the children buses to school and there are not many who do that schoolbus servi e. so he might have thought that a child would have been harassed and molested by a busdriver. So could someone please investigate on that "accident" about which noone ever did speak afterwards?"

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/12/2023.


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