Saskia Charlotte Junker

from my book to help others who have been stalked and persecu

This Book will be for everyone, for those being stalked but as well for society being drawn into international global stalking, so they know that they are participating in a crime.


Since 2007 there are laws against stalking.


Please click the link to inform yourself about the law situation and seen the stalking in my case takes place in severe forms since 2012,

that cauessd me several times to move to other places, that destroyed friendships, employments, careers, private life of past, present and future.

As well please take note of the part that as well when other people are drawn into it to persecute a person or to protocol their daily habits is considered as stalking.


In addition there are laws that regard the destruction of my reputation (in german called rufmord or verleumdung) that would regard the people who did spread lies that I would be insane, or shizophrene, or suicidal, or depressive or a pornstar or a prostitute.

And before you claim I would have done about the people I mentioned in the previous publications.

I am sorry to say so but what I am writing there is the truth. I wrote what they did to me and published it after police, governemnts, lawyers, diplomats, military, politicians were not interfering when I filed reports about the crimes done tome.


So the only chance left was to publish against the fascists and against the various sects and churches involved in the organized crimes that took place.


And the following laws and regulations regard the identity fraud where other people in europe pretend to be me and again others in the usa stole douments of mine to pretend that I would have committed suicide or would have married them or would have sold my property or would have refused a heritage to which was inhibited that I would receive the letters.

The following link leads you to the UN report about Neuro-Stalking , a crime that has been investigated by UN investigators.

And here the law that regards the refusal of help while knowing that a crime is taking place.


And another law that regards corruption

And then here is the law that regards the illigal experimentations without consent that have been taking place

it was exactly put into placec after ww2 when it came to know about the horrifying experiments the nazis had done, but as well this is more than just indication that those who experimented with me without consent come directly from those nazis who were released from prisons in the 70s and early 80s.


And here is the LAW that  regards court decisions.

laurinchen and other people who work at court should have known this seen they studied law that what they did was a crime.


it includes as well, that putting someone under hypnosis drugs or interrogation through illigal technology and without consciousness is NOT a valid interrogation.

and FORSURE it is NOTa valid interrogation to make distant interrogations through illigally applied communication adjustments of which is not even known whom they are talking to, seen in mycase they STOLEthe communication device that was intended for me and injected it into a different person, which means that someone else pretended to have answered questions!!!


And just for saying, I published to remind everyone on all those laws already since 2012 , and stating that people must stop to stalk infiltrate or sabotage, but seen laura mechtild janina herrchenbach schneider wissings family and others worked for powerful state agencies and for tribunals or had close friends and partners who did and in addition their contact to freemasonry they thought they could do whatever they want with their contacts





All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/16/2023.


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