Saskia Charlotte Junker

? why do you think I would write the biography of someone els

To all dear readers of my publications.

Why are there some people beyond you who think I would write about someone else to whom would have happened everything?!?

Everything that you can read in the  first persons perspective "I" did happen to me, to myself, to me, Saskia Charlotte.

All I publish is REAL and some of it happening these days in 2023.

As well with some people I feel as if they would be brainwashed every night and forget what they understood the day before.

Did some people instead of a vaccine receive their natural memory replaced by a computer chip that is deleted and modified every night and knowledge stolen and replaced?!?!

Because like this it seems sometimes seen there were people already 1 year ago who had understood but then again helping other people.

However.. some people might be relieved that there a few things even I do not understand that are going on but maybe they then do ;).
Each of us have their own unique skills and knowledge.

So.. what is that other crime people are doing that constantly isade believe that I would be writing the biography of someone else or that descriptions of criminals would be fictional characters or knowledge science fiction books?!?

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/18/2023.


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