Saskia Charlotte Junker

insignias with the various names

I even received various insignias with the various names by various people who hoped to protect me with it.

But the whoreseller of the Vatican and i quisition Enrico Saglia aka al capone and localita osteria vecchia 5 and hauke 2020 have due to their secret service Santa croce and Vatican sects the possibility to reprogram those things and stole all of them They gave the ones I received to their real prostitutes who then ran around with itand programming the ones I had received for PROSTITUTE.

WHENEVER i go and eat somewhere where they do that INSIGNA shit without even asking they afterwards either infiltrate or corrupt someone to receive access to the specific INSIGNA and then they reprogram it with prostitute because they are determined to make people believe i would be one. Or pass me again for that wissing bitch or terrorist bitch from Veneto who went to isis.

Oh..btw .seen that saglia-tobalsini Enrico is part of those who made people believe i would be schizophrenic and the reference book would be proof of it.

He evidently forgot that he wrote into it in 2012 claiming even that he would "invidiamo per il mio carattere SOLARE"

In addition they put a chip into me that they seem to constantly program to make people believe i would be a prostitute a terrorist insane or whatever they want people to make believe.

And through their illigal neuromonitoring that should have been applied on the terrorist and not on me (but it was all part of the plan of Enrico and the terrorists to apply it on me passing me for that bitch and stealing from me while people would constantly confuse me and treat me like shit and whenever people realized they once again stole what they had passed me for before and readers me for another literally fuxked up prostitute or that Samanta or that wife of Goering , Eicke, Himmler, al Capone and i don't know who else, they then steal all my knowledge or contact people i talk to pretending i would offer them disgusting services or try to corrupt them to say I would have offered such.)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 01/25/2023.


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